HARMONIE KRIEGER: So body lotions are really
important, no matter if you come out of the shower or if you come out of a day of the
sun, you always want to hydrate all of your skin. And I love lotions ’cause I love the
way they smell and they just make you feel sexy and young. And I have a couple of different
kinds that I love that I’d love to recommend to you. Now this one, believe it or not, is
from Victoria’s Secret. It’s called Raspberry Cosmo. The thing I love about these is that
they will last you a really long time so you don’t have to keep going out in buying lotions.
This really does smell like a Raspberry Cosmo. So it comes out purple, so don’t be scared
of the color, and you rub this everywhere. I mean it just feels so good. It feels like
when you go get a manicure and they rub your hands, this is exactly that lotion. It’s so
soft and it’s very thin and lightweight. Now I suggest the Raspberry Cosmo when you get
out of the shower. It’s not really a scent that you want to go out at night with, but
it’s a scent that you want to feel fresh with. So go with the Raspberry Cosmo for just getting
out of the shower or coming in from a day after the sun.