♪ ♪ I am happy. I am peaceful. I am truthful. Welcome. Can you believe I used
to be a different way? MAYA: I used to
be filled with rage, uncontrollable fits of anger, and blackout moments. I chose a
different life for myself. I learned how to
manage my anger. And I would love for
you to learn from my past. Let’s take a look. ♪ ♪ Oh, speaking of dogs, were you
saying something about that? Yeah. Well, I don’t know if
it was antifreeze or chocolate. Why would a dog eat
something that could kill it? That sounds stupid. I don’t know why she ate it. I just think it’s
because it’s sweet. Antifreeze is
sweet. Chocolate is sweet. That’s a dumbass invention. Why would they create it
to be sweet knowing that dogs could eat it? That’s beside the point. The
point is she’s in the hospital. And now I don’t
know if she’s okay. SHANNON:
Oh, girl, speaking of
stupid inventions, okay — you’re going to get a
freaking kick out of this one. Remember, I told you I
bought that invention, that stupid
nutcracker invention. SHANNON:
Well, brought that home, tried
to crack a nut, but guess what? [mounting sounds of babble] …what kind of
dumbass invention… Shut up! ♪ ♪ That’s no way to treat a friend, no matter how
annoying they can be. Let’s see how I could have
reacted if I was more patient. ♪ ♪ I’m trying to tell
you how I feel right now, and Shannon, I’m sorry, but
I just really need a friend who can listen. It’s me who has to say sorry. I love Jackie, and I know
how much she matters to you. And if my dog was
going through a situation, I’d want a friend to care, too. So I’m sorry. Thanks. Because I actually have a
friend who is that person who wouldn’t care. The whole
nutcracker thing, right? We actually bought it
at the exact same time. We both said one, two,
three, buy the nutcracker. MAYA [voiceover]: Okay, well,
at least I told her how I feel. No matter how self-centered
your friends can be… SHANNON: …think she cared? I was trying to tell
her about the story, and she was just so wrapped
up in her world of cracked nuts that she didn’t even
have time to like plug in to how I was feeling,
you know what I mean? And that really, really hurt. And so I don’t feel
like talking to her anymore, and I would never want
that to happen to me and you. I feel you. Friends are one thing. Boyfriends —
completely different. I had a boyfriend
once. Now I’m single. Stress-free. Sure, a little bit
lonely. But happy. Let’s look at when I
was miserable, shall we? ♪ ♪ Who are you
texting? Give me your phone. I’m listening. Go ahead. [text sound] Give me your phone or get out. [text sound]
Can you stop being crazy? I’m not giving you my phone. Oh. I’m being crazy. Yeah. I’ll show you crazy. [more text sounds] You see this? MALE: What are you doing? ♪ ♪ [crashing sound] [angry grunting noises] MAYA: Where’s my heels? This is called a heel. A pump. [breaking sounds; angry screams] Are you done? MAYA: Do you like that? Yes! All that water on
your broken stupid phone. MALE: I hope you
broke your shoe. I broke more than my shoe, boo.
[grunts] You got some real issues, woman. Violence is never the
way, even if the temptation is so much. Let’s see how I could
have handled that, shall we? ♪ ♪ Give me your phone. Huh? I’m listening. [text sound]
Go ahead. You know what, I was going
to give you some booty tonight, but I change my mind. [text sounds] Wait, you said booty? Where you going? Come back! I like booty. Look, the phone is down. Baby, come back! Please? Please? I promise I won’t text no more. I’ll switch to MetroPCS. I
won’t have service nowhere. I can’t text. Babe. We have the power to choose,
so choose your battles wisely. How does one deal
with one’s family? Let’s take a look, shall we? ♪ ♪ You’re not going to
be an actor. I told you. I’m a grown woman! It’s my life! I should be able
to do what I want. Okay, Beyonce. You pay
the rent. You’re so grown. My house, my rules. I hate you. I wish
I never had a mother. Okay. I’ll go kill myself.
You won’t have a mother then. Fine. Good. At least
I could live my dreams. You ungrateful
daughter. Go to your room. I’m going to be an
actress one day. You watch. I hate you! I hate you! MAYA: I wish you
would kill yourself! Because I hate you! I hate you. That is no way to speak
to the person you love. We all say things
in our fits of rage that we wish we could take back. But we can’t. The
damage has been done. Let’s take a look. ♪ ♪ MAYA: Mom, I’m sorry for
yelling. I’ll do accounting. But can I act on the side? Yes, anak. You can
do whatever you want. As long as you
have a stable career, and as long as you can
support me too, I’ll be happy. Of course. I love you so much. I love you, Mom. Okay, anak. Go study. You need
to get an A on your next exam. MAYA’S MOM: Go. ♪ ♪ When you’re young
and you don’t pay rent, there’s a thing called
compromise and apologize. What are some other ways we
can deal with our stresses? I love aromatherapy and incense. This just puts
me in a calm place. Also, essential oils. Lavender.
Stress reliever, girl. Yes. The stress, I
can even feel leaving me. Rocks. I love my
rocks and my crystals. Rose quartz.
Citrine. Money, honey. Himalayan sea salt just
gives a good vibe in the room. Plants. They
don’t fight with you. I like to have positive
messages throughout my house that remind me, “Let it
go, Maya. Life is too short. Be positive.” Hot tea. Possibly even prayers.
Whoever you pray to, pray. Maybe prayer is
too much for you. “Oh, no, Maya, I don’t
believe in that stuff.” Meditate. And meditation is a
coming to a quiet place, where you can close your eyes. [car horn honking] And reading books. Books that
are positive and inspiring. You can even do
some yoga. Yoga. Yoga. Or a sport. Some sort of physical action. Just let out all that
rage. Just punch it out. Just kick it out. I also like cleaning
things when I’m angry. You’d be surprised at
how clean my place is. Anger is a serious
thing. We all deal with it. And we all have social media. If you are angry, stay
off of the social media. The world doesn’t need
to know that you’re angry. That’s it for now. Make sure
that you guys like this video. Comment below and let me know, what do you do to
deal with your anger? Sharing is caring, boo. Remember to do
you. Be shameless. Mmmmmmmm. ♪ ♪