Today we’re going to make a diffuser
blend. In this course you’ve been learning about how the essential oils can
affect your mood and that is because the essential oils are able to pass through the
blood-brain barrier into the Ala factory by the Ala factory bulb into the lipid
region of the brain stimulating the pineal in the pineal gland. So
because our nostrils and the sense of smell is wired differently than the
other senses. This is a very powerful thing that it’s able to reach into us
and affect our moods and our emotions stimulating hormones and triggering
things in us. The essential oils have that ability to reach in and become a
vehicle for releasing repressed emotions maybe when you wake up in the morning
you feel very tired and exhausted but that sense of smell that aroma of coffee
stimulates you or even that maybe you take a brisk walk in the woods and the
smell of spruce or pine or Cypress can actually really you know invigorate you
and you can create that at home. That’s what we’re going to do today. So I’m
going to choose three oils and I am thinking lemon essential oil be my first
one but a top note Cypress will be my middle to base note. And then I’m going
to also use frankincense essential okay so those going to be my 3 oils. Now again
we want to make sure that we have all our supplies on hand before we start and
when you’re choosing your oils again you’re going to want to use your perfume
strips and you’re going to want to put a drop on each one wave them under your
nostrils and make sure that this is something that you’ll enjoy smelling. Now
we’re going to use our glass bowl to mix and blend our essential oils in. We are using our stir rod to blend their oils and we’re going to need a five mil glass
bottle to put our diffuser blend in and store. Now I have two options I can use a pipette to transfer miles to my bottle or it
could use a funnel. And we also have our coffee beans on hand because after you
smell these oils and they all start to smell alike you might want to just use
your coffee to just clear your palate. And help you to just work on your old so
now we’re going to start with our base notes and that’s going to be our frankincense. Now this particular recipe calls for a lot of oil because we could fill
up this bottle which would hold about 80 to 100 drops so that’s what we’re going
on this would but for this exercise. We’re just going to use a few so I’m
going to start with two drops of frankincense this come out pretty fast
one two and then I’m going to add my middle note my Cypress. I’m going to add
five drops 1, 2, 3, they came out fast at the end there. And sometimes if you’re
using a lot of oils you might want to use your pipette so you can count your
drops and have a little more control of the flow. The last one I’m going to add
is lemon this is my top note some 18 drops three four five six seven eight
now we’re going to use our glass stir rod. Stir these up on check now. Doesn’t
smell too bad. That’s actually pretty good and then we are going to transfer
this over using our pipette. We’re going to just take our blend and put it in our
bottle we’re going to want to add a label because I want to make sure we
know what it is. Because we don’t want to just have this floating around in our
medicine cabinet forgot for what we made it for. So we’re going to shake it up and
now it’s ready to go so all we need to do is just add a few drops into a
diffuser and that’s all you need to do.