hello everyone Yuba welcome back to
today’s video, today’s video is how to lose weight super super fast without
exercise, without diet in one week. if you want to see this, you have to keep
watching, if you have not subscribed to my channel please like and subscribe, share and comment under this video one of the ingredient I’ll be using is onion,Onions are a source of soluble fibre, which makes it a powerful prebiotic food. It ensures a healthy gut, which is crucial for weight loss and belly fat loss. the other ingredients will help to nourish your body. continue to watch this video to see this simple yet effective lose weight
drinking alright To prepare this lose weight drink without exercise without diet lose weight super super fast I need to slice the onion, slice the onion into small size carrot Low in calories and full of fibre, carrots are one superfood for weight loss. due to its high fibre content, one glass of carrot juice will keep you stay full until lunch and thus will stop you from binging. Carrot juice helps in bile secretion which helps to burn fat and thus aids weight loss another effective ingredient that help you to lose weight is cumin seed cumin seed contains about 100
chemical properties, cumin seeds are beneficial for fat reduction and weight loss. Add 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds wash and add into the blender and blend it add one cup of water this is it, I’ll cover and blend it strain twice extract pure juice only one cup which is 250 ml drink one cup of this drink for one week continue watching because I’ll drink
this alright this is you drink drink for you to get rid of
stomach fat and you have to drink this for one week for you to see results, I
will go ahead and drink it this is so good and
this will help you to lose weight cumin seed in this is very very
effective in losing weight just take this for one week that is seven days and you will be getting rid of that weight, this is also good if you want to cleanse your stomach, drink this
if you want to loosen stomach fat, this will also help you to get rid of stomach
fat. drink for one week and you’ll be seen amazing results, I’m gonna
see you again in my next video bye bye