– Hi, my name is Athena Zolis, and I’m the founder of the
Natural Therapy Mastery Program. I want to talk to you about
why I am doing this webinar on how to operate a
multimillion-dollar wholesale business with your very own
natural therapy product. I’ve had the privilege of
operating my own product-based wholesale business for over 11 years without any prior knowledge or experience, and I know that information from an experienced business owner can be the difference
between success and failure. I made so many crucial
mistakes during my time, and since I sold the business,
I am now dedicating myself to helping you and existing businesses avoid making the mistakes that I made, and to successfully tap into the $5 billion natural therapy
industry here in Australia. So if you are serious about
launching a branded product into the marketplace, then
immerse yourself for 60 minutes in this webinar, where
I will be going through the three crucial steps and
principles that you need to know to operate your business successfully. I will also be covering things like the single biggest
mistake that people make when starting a business, the best ways to ensure
that you don’t become one of the 60% of businesses that fail in the first three years, plus, what you need to know
about protecting your business and your sales. This information is crucial to
the success of your business. I guarantee that you will
be able to execute and apply this information right away. Register now for the
webinar on the link below, and I look forward to sharing with you my 11 years of experience
in launching and operating a natural therapy wholesale business. My name is Athena Zolis, and I hope to see you in the webinar. Let’s get your business on track to becoming a
multimillion-dollar business.