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cheeks with the face yoga method. https://faceyogamethod.com/blog/how-to-get-fuller-cheeks-and-make-a-skinny-face-meatier/ “Meaty Face” vs “Boney Face”
Did you know that there are two types of face? One is the “boney face” and the other is the
“meaty face.”
The people who have a “Boney Face” tend to:
look older than their actual age. loose weight from the face.
see the hollow on their cheeks when look down look skinnier than their actual weight
The people who have a “Meaty Face” tend to:
look younger than their actual age.
carry more weight in the face than the body. see the double chin when looking down
look heavier than their actual weight
Here are some examples of celebrities with “boney faces” and “meaty faces.” Angelina
Jolie has a “boney face” and she is only 37 years old. Nicole Kidman has a “meaty face”
and she is 45 years old. Does this surprise you? I was surprised! Do you think either
of them practice face yoga?
I thought Angelina Jolie was older than her actual age and Nicole Kidman was younger than
her actual age. Of course they dress differently and they carry themselves differently but
both of them are skinny and I was wondering why they look the way they look. It is their
face differences!!
The Little Known Factors That Could Change The Way You Look
I have a “boney face” and even when I was in my late teens, I looked much older than
my actual age. I loved it when I was younger because I felt more “mature.” Now I am 44
years old. When I am tired or do not have enough sleep, it shows on my face right away!
I try to keep my cheek area round so that I do not look older and/or tired. This is
why I practice Face Yoga.
In general, the person with “meaty face” looks younger than the person with “boney face.”
The “meaty face” people look heavier than the people with a “boney face.” There is no
such thing as “good” or “bad.” But if you are one of those people who wants to make
your face rounder, there are certain face exercises you can do so that you look younger
than your actual age!?
When you try this exercise, imagine your face getting rounder and fuller like the cheeks
all the babies have! I do this exercise in the car when I take my daughter to school.
Try face yoga exercises and let me know your progress.}