How To Drive A Guy Crazy In Bed. Women often enter into a relationship with
expectations of how we are going to feel. Likewise, we do it in the sexual act. Will I or will I not have an orgasm this time?
Is the big question. But why not think about how to make him crazy
in sex? This will be great for the relationship and will give them greater confidence. For that, you need imagination, a simple plan
of action and put the body to work Playfully. With these seven wonderful sexual ideas, you
will get him wanting more, more and more;). 1. Straight to the point. Look at him straight, bite his lips and say
“I want you” or the phrase you feel is more seductive. 2. Whisper in my ear and … Did you know that men like to be talked during
sex? This is known as verbal sex. Not that you tell him how the day went. Not
that. But whisper him that you want him to touch
you, hug you. “You have to speak what you truly feel. There are people who get very excited about
words, talking or listening, “explains sexologist Flavia Dos Santos in an interview with the
Colombian newspaper El País. And end up kissing his ear. If you’re the
one who bites, be careful. If not the experience stops being pleasant. 3. Masturbation: the act of two. Female masturbation over the years has ceased
to be a taboo subject. Perhaps Miranda’s character from Sex and The
City had a lot to do with uninhibited talk about her rabbit vibrator. Masturbation for men is a very natural act. Above all, because during adolescence it is
an act of exploration. As it is, or should be also, for the woman. Your partner will love to see how you do it,
then help him masturbate and also do it together. 4. New positions. Men complain when a woman only wants the same
position. Among the teachings of the millennial technique
of the Kamasutra, you find several positions for the art of love and sex that will make
your boy go crazy for you. 5. Massage, oils and … With the Kamasutra, you will learn that also
body oils, sexual lubricants, but most of all, MASSAGES are a weapon of wonderful seduction. Boys are fascinated with touching their skin,
touching their arousal points. Men also have G-spot. So explore his body with the touch. 6. Practice oral sex. Men love it. They even fantasize about the
idea of doing it with the girl they like. However, some become very shy at the moment
of asking. Surprise him yourself. This will make him mad with passion. Remember that by practicing oral sex you will
be able to activate his F-Spot just below the penis.
  7. Tighten him up! Are you always waiting for him to take you
by the waist and press his pelvis against yours? Well, you have to change roles. Try hugging him tightly, then take him by
his hips and put him against your pelvis. That will start the action. Please, let us know your opinions in the comments
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