In this video I will tell you about How to
do deep breathing exercise and what are its benefits. Please watch the video fully and Please subscribe
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as well. So first start what are the benefits of doing
breathing exercise daily then next I will tell you the names and how you can do these
breathing exercise – 1.Help to reduce stress, nervousness 2.You will sleep better. Do little anulom vilom pranayam before sleep. 3.Calm personality. 4.Controlled blood pressure. 5.Help in muscle relaxation. 6.It supplies more oxygen to the body. More oxygon mean more life. 7. You will feel good, by doing breathing exercise
daily our body release endorphins hormone. 8.It cleans your body and makes it detoxified. 9.It makes you look younger. 10.It gives enegry to nervous system. will never suffer from any mentel disorder. 12.It can cure your asthma. 7.kapalbhati pranayama helps in weight loss,
all kind of stomach diease like consipation, Kundlani awakning, lack of sperms, infertility,
Kidney stone, make heart healthy and make your bone strong. This breathing exercise is one of the best
one because it has so many benefits. I will show you how you will do this. Breathing exercise is easy to done and you
can do it without any tools. Just choose any 2 of them and do it everyday
in morning. Timing – start till 1 or 2 minuts each one
then slowly you can increase till 10 minutes each. Best breathing exercise – 1.Fast breathing – How to do it –
First, sit comfortably and relax. Now Inhale and exhale air from nose only,
keep your mouth closed. And you need to inhale and exhale fast. If you inhale air 2 times for 1 second exhale
also same. It will be a little noisy. You can do it for 1 minute then slowly you
can increase the time. 2.Slow breathing – How to do it –
Close your mouth and inhale air from your nose slowly like for 4 seconds then hold your
breath for 7 seconds. Now release the air from your mouth for 8
seconds. So exhale will take more time then inhalation. 3.Slow nose breathing – In this exercise inhale air slowly from your
nose and exhale slowly only from your nose. You can do it inhale or exhale for 5 to 10
seconds. You need to sit comfortably before starting
this exercise. Frequency –
2 times in a day. Its also known as bhastrika pranayama. 4.Alternate nose breathing – This breathing exercise is best for brain
coordination. For doing this exercise sit comfortably with
cross legs. Now hold your right nostril with right-hand
thumb and inhale air slowly from your left nostril. Then close your left nostril with your ring
finger and exhale air slowly from your right nostril. Then try inhaling from the right and exhaling
from left. This is one cycle; you can do it
for 10 to 20 minutes daily two times. 5.SHITLI PRANAYAMA – If you are suffering these type of disorders,
then Shitli pranayama is best for you. – If you feels hotness in your body time to
time. – If you get angery so easil. – If your body sweat a lot. – If you have Hypertension
– If your mind is not in peace. – If you feel anxiety time to time. How to do this – NOTE – If you have cold, cough and runny nose then plese don’t do this. – Sit down with back straight. Now put your tounge outside and roll it
then breath in by your tounge. – Now hold your breath for some time then
release by your nose. 6.One nostril breathing –
Close your one nostril and inhale & exhale from other nostril. Keep doing this for 10 or 20 times. Then do it with other nostrils as well. 7.Kapalbhati –
This is the most important breathing exericse. It
can cure your 90% diease. So many benefits. If you want to start breathing exercise then
start from this one. Its so amazing. Sit with
your back straibgt. Inhale air from your nose then imedatily remove air by presseing your
abdomen inside. Exhale only from nose. Exhale air forcely. Don’t move any other part of your body except abdomen. Don’t press your abdomen with your hand. Not do this if you – 1.Hypertension
2.Heart diesase 3.Pregnent
4.Periods 5.Recentely opereation of stomach