God’s purpose for your life. Hello, and
welcome. In this introduction to meditation three, Be true to your Values,
we ask the important question about your own moral values, because it is your
moral values that make you the kind of person you are. However, it may be you
live by a mixture of values: your Christian values, yes; but also worldly
values, that contradict the gospel. This is the challenge we face in today’s
secular world, where they even pass laws that contradict our Christian values. So,
what do we do? Is your faith strong enough to stand up
to this challenge. This is the meditation where you pray, and meditate, and ask God that your faith may be a rock, to stand up for your values. Meditation 3: Be true
to your Values. “Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful, and enkindle in
them the fire of your love. We read in Matthew 4:4, One does not live by bread
alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. In this passage from
Matthew, we are challenged by the stark life choice God offers us: do we live by
bread alone, a strong focus on the things of this world, with little time for God
and spiritual values? Or, do we live with God also, choosing to make the Word
of God and his Will the major focus of our life? In this earthly existence, we
all live by both bread and the Word of God. But we are challenged by the fact
that worldly values can fight against God. If there is such a conflict in your
life then, as a Christian, you must follow God’s Word. How often we see this
conflict in the modern world, where so much is permitted that contradicts God’s
Word. That means we often face a serious conflict of values. Our Christian faith
tells us what God wants, but society tells us something else; and to have both,
is often contradictory, and therefore impossible. So we must choose what are we
to do. God invites us to follow our faith, and not surrender to other values, that
are incompatible with our faith. So ask yourself: what conflict of values might I
have? Pause for a moment of meditation. Very often, these otherworldly values are
forced upon us and, if we refuse to accept them, we can
face hardship, difficulty and even punishment, in today’s secular society. In
modern Western society, we experience a conflict of values, and this makes it
hard for Christians to be true to their own deeply held Christian beliefs. So ask
yourself: what challenges have I faced in the secular world? Pause now for a moment
of meditation. Our challenge, then, is to be strong and
brave, and to be true to our own deepest values. All our Christian values have
their root and source in God’s Word. As the Apostles told the authorities in
their own time: “You be the judge. Do we listen to God, or do we listen to
you? So ask yourself: How can I be more authentic, and follow my Christian values?
Pause now, for a moment of meditation. As we conclude this short meditation, on
living gospel values in your life, we now turn to God again in prayer. We ask God’s
help and inspiration to live by the Word of God. We say this prayer together: “Lord,
send us the Holy Spirit, to strengthen us. Help us to remain true and steadfast in
our beliefs and values, whatever it costs. Praise and thank you, Lord. Amen.”