Hello, I’m going to show you the torso rotation exercise with added ankle weights If you want to get onto your back Have your lower back pressed firmly into the ground? So there’s no space between your back and the floor. You can have your arms out in a tee for stability And you’re going to bring your legs up over You can put your legs together. Your knees are over your hips. Your legs are Approximately at a 90 degree angle and from here you’re going to move over and extend both your legs that way and Then wrap around And then the other side You definitely feel this in your obliques basically your side Something to keep in mind if you have promised with your lower back this exercise might not be the best idea Especially not adding extra weight With anything, I’d recommend starting without any weights whatsoever And then if you feel like you’ve mastered the move and your muscles have become accustomed to it And you want to intensify and then feel free to add weights obviously obviously start lower and then increase You always want your muscles or you always want to keep your muscles guessing Subcribe Please Thank you