Today I’m reviewing the Healgen massage gaming chair. If you spend long hours or any amount of length of time in Seated in a chair like in an office. I highly recommend finding yourself a good gaming chair because gamers have figured it out. They know how to get comfortable in these chairs. And this one’s really cool because it comes with massage. It comes with a massaging lumbar. It also has a headrest and it has a footrest, and it swivels 360 degrees. It’s got a really solid metal base, and it also has a tilting locking mechanism from 90 degrees to 150 five degree angle adjuster. So this is an all-around really comfy chair. It’s got memory foam and Click the link below because it’s gonna give you the best price on Amazon. You can get it right on Amazon and they have different ones check them out. But this one is very very comfortable. It has the footrest and the headrest. It has got an integrated metal frame and you know free replacement or money-back guarantee. So you kind of can’t go wrong if you’re dissatisfied.. With in 30 days on this one on Amazon this particular one the HEALGEN is a great option so click below