Have you ever wondered why, when you chase after happiness, it seems so elusive? I think most of us do it most of the time There’s an idea that happiness exists somewhere else Not in this moment, maybe in another place, or it’s with another person, just doing something different When we chase after happiness, there’s a movement It’s away from the present moment to another place, to some time other than now And because we move away from the present moment, ironically, we move further away from happiness Because when you think about it, happiness can only exist in this moment Right here, right now And the interesting is that when we focus less on chasing our own happiness and instead focus more on the happiness of others we immediately find ourselves in the present moment So not only are we benefiting others by having a more open, empathetic mind We’re also benefiting ourselves by being more present and experiencing more happiness So the quickest way, the surest way of experiencing more happiness in our lives is to focus more on the happiness of others