Headache.. if an un bearable pain lies in the head for a long time consider it as.. a Migraine… due to Viral bacterial fungal infection formed in sinus causes a pain and it is called “sinusitis” sinusitis or migraine causes a severe pain Cervicogenic Headache it is caused due to changes of vertebrae in cervical mainly due to C2 vertebrae Hormonal Headache main cause of it is Hormonal changes in the body highly observed in women stress Headache Naturally, everyone have this because of heavy stress it increases with internal stress due to other reasons another types of headaches may form like due to Brain hammer.. also due to Nerve weakness, eating allergic foods…. climatic changes… low supply of oxygenated blood to brain… due to autoimmune problem… having vitamin deficiency, mainly B12 eye stress… due to side effects which are caused by medicine these are the reasons for formation of Headache Headache may cause due to having less sleep we can confirm Migraine by modern ways such as CT scan, blood test etc., but with Nadi Diagnosis we can diagnose root causes easily and Natural ways to avoid Headache are… psychological and external stress should be avoided daily habits like Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Exercises should be adopted these habits will kill your stress don’t wash your hair daily and people who use pillow to sleep will have headache more often so it is good to avoid pillows green leafy vegetables & fresh fruits should be consumed spices, Alcohol, aerated cool drinks, meat, smoking… may increase intensity of Headache so it is good to avoid these habits we at Nadipathy find the root cause of these migraine and… cure them without any medicine or side effects it is the speciality of Nadipathy because of this we cure any type of Migraine within days completely it is not temporary cure it’s permanent by using special therapies such as Scalp acupuncture & by applying special herbs we draw out heat from the head also Beach sand therapy which removes toxins from body with some other techniques we maintain body Neutrality with some more therapies like Pancha karma yoga.. swedana, Navya karma sirovasthi, surya snanam are used to remove migraines completely from your head some acupressure points consists in our body for self healing for Headache pressure point present at tip of the Thumb apply pressure at this point may relives your Headache you can apply pressure with tip of the objects which are not sharp another pressure point at the end of the wrist applying pressure at this point decreases headache we can do as long as it takes to relive from your Headache without any medicine no side effects or pain cannot be formed due to this technique