Life Wisdom. Psychetruth Massage. Welcome back everybody. This is Gregory Gorey and today we’re going to do some relaxing head and scalp massage. So I’d like to start back here, back behind the ear. It feels really really good. I love the feeling of this. This myofascial system actually winds through and wraps up and connects into there so you can do both sides little circles. Just getting the whole ear and surrounding structures to move with it. Go in the opposite direction. You don’t wanna be pulling hair. If you’re hearing a bunch of hair pulling you gotta check in with your person. I’m gonna turn your head even more. Get back up into this part of the head. Nice and slow. I always think about this like when you’ve gone to get your haircut and there’s a really good shampooer. That’s what you wanna be doing. You’re not going over the hair or pulling the hair.You are making contact with the scalp. And then getting the scalp to move under your fingertips as you’ve got that tissue
locked in. Same thing on the other side starting back behind the ear. And coming all the way around. Fingers on both sides, nice and slow, not too pokey, not pulling the hair. As we’re coming up you’re gonna get up into the top of the head, to the crown. I’m taking my fingers and just making
little light circles here. Fingers together. And you can do this anywhere on the scalp. It should all feel good. Now we’re going to get into a muscle called the temporalis. And the temporalis is one of your main jaw muscles and it covers this whole area right here and
it starts down here. So we’re just going to come in on both sides. You’re going to feel that it’s bony, bony, bony, bony, and then there’s a drop off right about there and that’s where the temporalis is. So we’re just doing little light circles again. If you don’t know how to give a massage and you wanna help somebody else relax just massaging somebody’s temples lightly can be a really effective way of helping somebody deal with stress. Not a lot to it. Just coming in. Make sure your not pulling the hair. Make sure you’re not poking too hard, but just about everybody likes a nice scalp massage. So now that we’ve fully released that muscle we’re gonna come up onto this occipital ridge. We’re gonna come in and just do little light pressure there. Sometimes there can be trigger points here. Be sensitive. If you know how to do trigger point therapy, you can be in communication and clear that out. If you’re sole goal is to do relaxation work them don’t worry about it. Just
press lightly and move on. Now I’m gonna stick my thumbs together. We’re going to sweep this out. Nice little circles again. Come in and get under that ridge. Press up into the bone lightly following it around. Getting down into the jaw and very light work. We aren’t trying to fix any temporal mandibular dysfunction with these techniques. We’re just trying to get the blood flowing, the heart rate calming. Corrina is staying nice and relaxed. Sometimes when you’re doing this people will still be rigid and clenched and their lips won’t move when you’re massaging this lower part of the face because they’re gripping. Nice! That’s a real simple trick for your tool bag if you’re trying to help somebody relax. I hope you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and if you want to learn more about massage techniques