For this Hand Treatment we will be using DRskinhealth products Charcoal Cleanser to clean and detoxify Charcoal Microfoliant to exfoliate the skin Manuka Toner to tone and hydrate Body Nutrients Oil to massage and moisturize Hydra Firming Mask to nourish and deeply moisturize Wash your hands well Take about half a teaspoon of Charcoal Microfoliant and massage into the skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes Wash off with warm water Spray Manuka Toner Take about 2-3 pumps of Body Nutrient Oil Massage well into your hands Don’t forget to massage into cuticles, that’s where the skin is most delicate Massage for at least 5 minutes Massage pressure points of your palm Take about a teaspoon of Hydra Firming Mask (or another mask you have) and massage onto your hands. Leave on for 10-15 minutes Wash the mask off with warm water Spray Manuka Toner Apply Body Nutrient Oil and you are done! Skin feels and looks nourished and glowing with health Products can be purchased at