Welcome to Ethereal Meditations. The intention
of this guided meditation is to help encourage a full body-mind sensation of sleepiness,
so that you can work with your body to naturally fall asleep. Perhaps you struggle with insomnia. Or maybe
your mind becomes active at night, and worries begin to surface as you lay in bed trying
to fall asleep. Once we lay down for the night, thoughts can sometimes run through our minds,
prolonging the process of falling asleep. It is common for sleep issues to become heightened
during periods of increased stress or over-stimulation. Throughout the day, well before bed time,
it can be helpful to address and work through any thoughts, tasks or experiences that are
causing you stress. When you later go to bed for the night, your mind will be less likely
to try and navigate any worries before falling asleep. Right now this time is for you. All you have
to do is relax and just be. Take a moment to remind your body, mind and soul that you
are capable of deep and restorative sleep. Let these words echo into the depths of your
subconscious, reaching every cell within your body. It is now time to work with your body, to
enter into a realm of relaxation, tranquility and sleepiness. Before we begin, ensure you are in a comfortable
position and ready to fall asleep. Slowly close your eyes. Take a deep breath
in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth. With each exhale, allow your body to
fully sink into the position that you are laying in. Do your best to come to peace with
what’s taken place today and gently remind yourself that it is time to rest and any unfinished
business can have your attention tomorrow. As you breathe in, allow the breath to travel
down into your stomach and into the deepest parts of your lungs. When our bellies begin
to expand with the intake of oxygen, it’s an indication that we are taking full breaths. Our breath is an incredibly powerful force,
a gift of expansion and transformation that is innately a part of us and is accessible
whenever we desire. With each inhale, feel the power of your breath bringing your mind
back to the present moment. Back to a realm of peace and stillness where thoughts of the
past and future dissipate and the bliss of this present moment, is all that exists. Allow your breath to find its own natural
rhythm. With each exhale, feel your entire body sinking deeper and deeper into your bed. To help guide you into a full-body relaxation,
I will gently guide you through a body scan. If you notice tension within a certain area,
with each exhale, visualize any discomfort or pain dissipating with each breath. Begin to bring awareness to your feet,
let your toes and ankles completely relax. Bring your awareness to your shins and knees,
with each exhale, let any tension dissipate, moving to your hips, pelvis and lower back
With each breath, feel your body becoming heavier and heavier.
Perhaps your body can sink even deeper into the position in which you are laying in.
Begin to bring awareness to your back, all the way up your spine and into your shoulders,
feel each part of your body beginning to relax, now to your fingers, hands, wrists and elbows.
With each breath, keep allowing any extra tension to melt away.
Now bring your awareness up to your neck, ears, jaw, and cheeks.
Unclench your jaw, let your tongue relax, as you reach the top of your body, move your
awareness to your eyes, forehead and crown of your head
feel your eye lids becoming heavier and heavier. Take a deep breath in and with the exhale,
allow your head and neck to fully relax and sink even deeper into your bed. Feel the relaxation flowing through your entire
being. Each part of your body becoming heavier and heavier, sinking deeper and deeper into
your bed. All of the cells in your body, working together
in harmony. Have trust in this present moment,
and do your best to surrender. As the arms of the universe catch you,
as you are always taken care of, everything happening exactly how it is meant
to, trust that everything is working in divine
timing, so that within this very moment, there is no need to worry. Gently bring your awareness back to your breath.
Each time that you inhale, feel the air travelling in through your nose and out through your
mouth. Feel for any areas where the flow of breath is creating sensation. Perhaps you
can feel the air touch your nostrils as you inhale, or perhaps there is an area of sensation
with the exhale. Choose any area of sensation and with each breath, try to keep your awareness
on that sensation. As thoughts enter your mind, do not attach yourself to them or give
them energy. Imagine yourself as the sky and your thoughts as the clouds. Allow the clouds
to float by whenever they appear, and always bring your awareness back to the sensation
that your flow of breath is creating. Feel your mind beginning to dance the line
between conscious awareness and dream land. Your breathing slow and steady,
nervous system aligned, eye lids heavy,
the entire weight of your body as one with the surface below,
you are capable of deep and restorative sleep.