I have a few affirmations for you and
some messages, for thought consideration, and a guided meditation. But before we
dig in, let me introduce myself. I am a Lightworker, that’s somebody who has a
meditation practice of sending light and love to the whole world. I’m also a
Seeker, somebody who doesn’t follow a particular religion or conform to any
particular dharma or concepts of truth. Rather I seek Divine truth in many
sources and my role in this video is to be a fellow traveler. I’m not trying to
convince anyone of anything. I’m just saying, hey, let’s look around
and if you’re concerned too, let’s think together. So the three affirmations are
this: “I decide what to focus on to shape my reality.” “My responses and my actions grant me freedom.” “I am clear about the life I choose to live.” Here are a few messages, food for thought: We’re all part of the whole and
simultaneously we’re all apart from the whole.” This is called duality. The world is created by the collective mentality of humanity. You create your reality
through your everyday routines which define you. What that means is if you’ve got habits or you’ve got patterns that are no longer serving you or keeping you blind to what’s going on around you, check them out. See if you could change some of these
patterns that might be blocking your concept of reality. So, a guided meditation: We want to first start by getting comfortable. If you’re not already in
a position of comfort, if you want to lie down, if you want to slouch a little
that’s okay. This kind of meditation is really guided into thought more than
anything. Get present. Notice your surroundings.
Notice any noise in the room, the temperature. Notice the places where your body makes contact with other forms of matter. And then surround yourself with
white light or say a little prayer. Anything that makes you feel protected
when you open your mind, so to say. Find your center. Wherever you feel
comfortable with your center, the idea is to feel grounded. And so now we want to take a little journey. A journey into a huge world store, where everything imaginable
is available to you. Almost incomprehensible. So let’s start with the first aisle. This is the aisle of spirituality. Imagine going down this aisle and having all kinds of choices available to
you. And you’re pushing your shopping cart that has infinite capacity. Select
what is important to you in the area of spirituality and religion. And then
we’ll move into the aisle of family. What is important to you in family? You know that you can choose whatever you want. So this to be what you want to happen. This could be relationships that you want to mend. Whatever you want in the area
of family. And other relationships friendships, co-workers, people you
associate with in different social organizations. Look at what you want in
the area of community. Take a look at your work. Are you doing the kind of work
that you love? What would inspire you? What would help you feel whole in the
area of work? Put it into your cart. Recreation: Are you having enough fun in
life? Are you enjoying life? Perhaps recreation is a way to enhance your life.
What would you like to do? Creativity: Have you always wanted to paint, or draw, sculpt, or write? What would you like to have in your reality in the area of
creativity? And if you already have creative pursuits, where are you going next with it? Body: Are you pleased with your body? Is your body healthy? Does it serve you well? We need our bodies if we’re going to stay
in this world and help shape our collective reality. So let’s make sure we
have vehicles that are up for the trip. What do you need to do for your body and
your mind? How can you find peace of mind? When you go through the Mind aisle, in
this huge world store, what would you like for your mind? Maybe to unscramble conflicting thoughts. Open your mind to new possibilities. Whatever you would like to put into your
shopping cart. Heart: Are you happy? If you didn’t have a definite “yes” to that question, look at what would make your heart happy. This is a very huge aisle, by
the way. There are lots of ways that we can be happy. Most of them we overlook. Such as….. look at those dandelions. I like dandelions. They make me happy. But what about you? What makes you happy? What would you like to bring into your
life in the area of heart, wholeness, joy, and happiness? And then anything you want in the
material world. Anything you need. Do you need new tires on your car? Or do you need to have a new computer? Whatever material possessions you currently need or desire. Add those to your cart. Remember this cart has infinite capacity. So, now we’ve done our shopping, let’s go home and take a look at what we got. The key is to be content with what you selected. And if you overlooked something or if you
put something in your cart that you really don’t want that much, you can
always change your selections. That is the beauty of creating your own reality and
accessing your own wisdom. So your wisdom is the choice that you make in each and
every moment of life. So the more we can be aware of the choices were making, the
more we can create a reality that works for us. Anytime you feel like you need something
or you want something, you can always revisit this store. This is a universal
source. Enjoy. you