WOLF: My name is Dr. Christiane Wolf and this is a
five minute guided grounding meditation. So, starting by finding a
comfortable posture, you’re sitting in a chair, just putting both feet on the
floor, and sitting with your back up straight — if that works for you.
And then if it’s comfortable, just gently closing your eyes, or if you want to
leave them open, just lowering your gaze. And now, start by bringing your
awareness into your feet, into the areas of contact that your feet are having
with the floor, in this moment. And if you really can’t feel your feet
at all, you can just gently wiggle your toes a little bit, but otherwise, just
feeling into where there is contact with the floor, and where there isn’t. And feeling
the stability of the floor beneath your feet. And then moving the attention to
your thighs, and buttocks, and doing the same thing here — just feeling into the
areas of contact that your thighs and buttocks are having with a chair, in this
moment. Just noticing whether it is contact and whether it’s none. And seeing
if you can allow the floor and the chair to hold and support your body, in this
moment. So there’s nothing you need to do right now. And then, moving the attention
to your back and again feeling into any areas of contact that your back has with
the back of the chair — if there is any contact. And then moving the attention to your
hands… just feeling the position of your hands; maybe what your hands are touching
in this moment; maybe part of your legs where the other hand… you can even ask
yourself “how do you know you have hands without looking?” You just know it, right? You feel it… Run
within. And now moving the attention to your breath, and if you like, you can make
the next two, three breaths a little bit deeper, so you can really feel the
sensations of breathing all the way in and all the way out. And noticing where
you feel the breath — either the strongest or where it’s the most pleasant. And now letting the breath, breathe itself… and whenever your attention wanders, just gently bringing it back to that area… your anchor. [WAVES CRASHING] [CHIMES] — end of meditation —