I would like to share a technique with
you that I will call grounding it’s a type of meditation and what it does is
it helps you get the energy out of your mind and more into the physical body now
if you allow me to speak very slowly this will help you to slow down your own
mental processes think about how quickly society is moving these days and
everything is very fast and sharp and quick and this is what contributes to
our stress and our frustrations in our lives so yes I speak slowly and I
intentionally do that to help us all calm down
now this meditation technique can be used whether you just want to reduce
stress or you want to relax or you are beginning your Reiki practice or you’re
looking for some deeper spiritual development this is a foundation
practice and the first thing I’d like to suggest is get a suitable place to sit
that would mean somewhere where you are unlikely to be disturbed somewhere where you’re not going to be
hearing cars and motorcycles if possible quiet okay let me suggest not in your
bedroom not sitting on the bed no not sitting on the sofa your results will
not be as good because those are our comfort zone just like being with our
stress in a sense is comfortable so the technique requires you get outside of
your comfort zone so you see I’m sitting on a wooden chair and I have a tile
floor here sitting outside is very good depending on the weather
inside or outside but you don’t want people coming by and saying hey what you
doing hey what you doing you want some private time
this is dedicated time for you to get grounded
when I say grounded I compared it to electricity the the voltage is up here
all those thoughts that are making you crazy
the frustration worry anxiety fear whatever it might be they are running
without any real management by grounding like electricity you need a ground wire
that keeps things safe more physical rather than just electric potential so
get yourself in a chair sitting up straight and have your feet firmly on
the ground now this sounds so simple but I tell you what it is important because
one of our points of focus is the feet being well connected to the ground and
then your hands firmly on your knees now physically you can see the the grounding
system for my for my thoughts shoulders arms hands to the knees knees to the
feet feet to the ground very physical position okay which is contrary to
stress and worry and fear and anxiety and just so many thoughts slow down
those thoughts use your physical body in a different metaphor is an anchor for
all those stressful thoughts let’s close our eyes we are going to focus on the exhale so
breathing out naturally and then with a small amount of pressure force the air
out from the bottom of your abdomen that’s all you don’t need your hand just
abdomen muscles two or three seconds and then allow a normal inhalation as you’re
exhaling naturally and at the tail end of the exhale with a small amount of
pressure push out the air that still remains at the bottom of your lungs just
a couple of seconds and then allow a natural inhale exhale a little pressure natural inhale and continue on your own in silence for
the next minute practicing if by chance you lost focus on your
breathing don’t worry about it just come back
again just come back to the present inhale or the present exhale and then
exhale small amount of pressure forcing the air out of the bottom of the lungs
followed by a natural inhale let’s keep your eyes closed
continue observing your prize you may see thoughts continue to arise
maybe the thought of boredom maybe the old anxieties whatever it is those are
quite natural and we’re not going to stop them we just bring our awareness to
it and say god this is boring or oh my god am I worried whatever it is and as
soon as you realize you’ve got into that worry mode or that frustration mode come
right back to the breathing breathing out a little bit of pressure natural
inhale your hands are firmly on your knees your feet are firmly on the ground
you’re sitting straight not rigid just sitting straight we are learning to
observe and thus to manage the way the mind is working and we do this by grounding so the feet
the knees and the breathing process specifically the exhale brings us down
more into our physicality rather than in our mentality breathing out a little
forced exhale natural inhale if anything in the environment has
disturbed you whether it’s your sister knocking on the
door your dad calling you the phone ringing the dog parking whatever just
bringing your attention they say I’ll be in there in a minute bring your
attention back to the breathing the knees and the feet if anything is
distracting you from the inside here worry anxiety recognize it bring your
attention back to the breathing to the knees to the feet to the physicality I can suggest that you practice this
technique at least 10 minutes a day if you can take 10 minutes in the morning
ten minutes in the evening excellent if you can build it up to 30 minutes in the
morning 30 minutes in the evening excellent
you will feel the benefits I won’t tell you the benefits you will know from
experience how you feel I can suggest that if you’re watching it by video in
the future just put your phone on Do Not Disturb for 30 minutes
trust me the world will survive 30 minutes without communicating with you
you will survive those 30 minutes without being plugged in to the
electronic discourse going around the world going around in your head this is
meaning on life you’re in your physical body disconnected from the rest of the
world for 10 to 30 minutes try it and you will experience grounding a
meditative state of some nature some changes in mind if you are looking to go
further into self healing with Reiki or some other type of energy healing this
technique will prepare you very well if you mainly want to deal with the stress
from school or from work or fro a situation in your life this technique
will serve you very well I can suggest do it every day
please do not wait until you are in crisis go ahead and start today and
tonight and tomorrow and you will see you will feel the difference and then
you will know