Hi youtubers. Welcome to ayurveda and
panchagavya channel. This video is about Gosatvavati tablets. Which is manufactured by Panchgavya healthcare India ltd. For online orders and customer support or any other enquiry you can
get in touch with them Website address is
http://www.panchgavyahealthcare.com And email address is
[email protected] It is a pack of 40 tablets. if we will talk about decomposition each 500mg tablet contains
purified cow urine 150 ml and excipients QS and dose mention here is
adults can take 2 tablets and children one tablet
twice per day with water or as directed by the physician it is safe, natural, no side effects and indications mentioned here are it is
useful in digestive disorders, skin diseases, allergies and anaemia when you will take this medicine
there are some precautions which you need to take care
of it avoid refined oil, process packed foods, acidic,
salty, non veg foods, stress coffee, tea, alcohol and smoking it is prepared from the
panchagavya of healthy, indigenous, non-hybrid Himalyan cows Now let us open this bottle. so thatís all about from this video part if you do have any questions or comments please let us know. If not then subscribe, like and share our videos. or if you want you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, google plus. All the links are mention
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