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Gary Young goes to great lengths to ensure that we provide the best Frankincense Essential Oil Frankincense resins are not equal in quality On the open market traders often combined species and grades of resin to sell to
unsuspecting buyers Resins of various shades and colors usually mean the Frankincense has been combined from different cuts different areas and
possibly from different years Only trained experts like Gary Young and
those partnering with Young Living understand the subtleties of purchasing
resin Ultimately the purity of Frankincense resin depends on the trees
location and on the weather of the time of harvesting The best resin comes from
trees that experience extremes These Boswellia sacra trees produce the best
resin because they’re watered once a year during the monsoon season and then
left to survive in the scorching sun If the tree is not exposed to these
extremes then the grade of resin is compromised If the grade of resin is
compromised the quality of oil extracted from the resin is lower For Frankincense
essential oil to be effective in its therapeutic properties the right balance
of natural plant compounds must be present Young Living takes great care in
selecting the right Frankincense trees to meet its stringent essential oil
quality standards