– Hello everybody and welcome
back to Royalty Soaps. My name is Kris Kringle and I
will be making one of the most Christmasy soaps that we are
going to have this month. What could be more Christmasy
than basing something off the Nutcracker ballet? Yes, indeed, it is time for
our yearly Sugar Plum Fairy. But this time, I’m making it. As always, we have few
changes to our design. But, the main spirit of
it has remained the same. So, if you like last
years Sugar Plum Fairy, you’re gonna love this one. I cannot wait to make it. Let’s go make it, right now! First thing that we have to do, is mix in our lye water
solution into these oils. These very special oils,
that are specially mixed with Katie’s special recipe. Now, we can blend these oils up. Don’t wanna blend ’em up too much though, because we must have it liquidy. (upbeat hip-hop Christmas music) Whippety wipety our blender head. Now, let’s split of some of this large bit into some smaller containers. These shall be all of the
different parts of the swirl. All right, now we have our swirl
itself, sectioned off here. Now, we can add in the colors. We’re going to be using Aztec Gold, Tickle Me Pink and Titanium Dioxide. I’m just starting by
blending these in by hand. The reason is because I want them to remain as liquidy as possible. Which means, that I want to blend them as little and as late as possible. And, of course, important to keep in mind that the fragrance oil
will accelerate this a lot. So, that goes in right before we pour. Oh my, that pink is aggressive, goodness! In subsequent batches, I think we will put less pigment in there, goodness. It’s hard to look at, wow. Now, let’s get this big one colored before we do any blending. And the colors we have are
Pow Pow Purple and Grape Ape. Now, I know that Mad
Micas couldn’t do this, but I am quite confident
that they would have named Grape Ape, Barney Purple,
if it wasn’t copyrighted. Oh my, this is going to be so purple! (upbeat hip-hop Christmas music) Ooee, lucky this fragrance
is actually acting properly. Unlike some this month. Whoops! So, I’m just trying to pour
this color down one side. Now, for the pink. Trying to have it penetrate down, nice and low by holding it higher. And now, for the final
color, a stark white. Stark white, starched white. Oh, these colors look really good in combination on this top. It is a classic palette, I suppose. It is time for a hanger
swirl, using our hanger. Now, I literally have to
change the length of it because I think, somebody
was using this for a slab. All you have to do is just make
sure that it’s long enough. There we go, now we’re gonna
push it down to the bottom. We’re gonna go across,
back, across and back. Just hoping that this is
making a swirling pattern. Go all the way to the bottom. Then we go across and
back and across and back. Back, back, back, back,
back and come around. Loop and we pull it out. What excitement and intrigue! It’s like there’s a present
underneath the surface, just waiting for us to uncover it. Would anybody like to get
hired as a Royal Soaps minion that can just clean off our molds for us? I know, it’s a tantalizing offer. Soap makers out there, what would you do to have some elves that come in at night, that do all of the cleaning? I’d kill for one of those boys. Our base is complete, now it
is time to mix up the piping. Huh? Where’s our soapy music? Aren’t you supposed to be fast
forwarding this part Kenny? Nay, we only fast forward
if the piping is boring. Like, one color or something. This is a little bit more interesting. We are going to add in
Titanium Dioxide straight into the lye water, this just saves time. (blender whirring) Now, we can go ahead and dump in all of our lye water
straight into our piping oils and give it a pleasant blend. Strike that, give it a friendly blend. (blender whirring) So now, I’m gonna take our piping and split off half of it
into another container. This is because this soap
will have two toned piping, or dual toned piping, or
a double color sandwich, which is my preference. And on the other side of
the double color sandwich, we’re going to put a little bit of Tickled Pink by Mad Micas. Now, this is an
exceptionally powerful color. So, I’m putting in very
little and hopefully that will make a subtle pink, we shall see. (blender whirring) All right, we’ve got out lovely
pink and our lively white loaded up into our piping bag. So now, we’re ready to
start piping on this top. Oh, you can see that
split tone immediately. Of course, the idea
whenever you do split tone is to have both of the colors. So, whenever you load it into the bag, just scoop to the same
side, you know what I mean? And then, whenever you do this
split tone, you an turn it, so that you can see the
transition between the colors. It’s all to maximize
showing off that split tone. This cotton candy has got me thinking about “Adventure Time”. It’s Princess Bubblegum on top! I haven’t watched that
show in a little while, so, I have missed out on all of the latest episodes before it shut off. I started watching “Adventure
Time” late in the game, after it had already
been airing for a while. Whenever I was maybe 18, I
think, I started watching it. Laughing my buns off at everything, especially the Earl Lemongrab. Unacceptable! And then, like the good boy that I am, I showed it off to my parents because I like to share
my weird shows with them and just see if it sticks,
see if they like it. And they loved “Adventure
Time”, especially my dad. So much so, that my mother bought, for Father’s Day and for his birthday, different seasons of “Adventure Time”. Now that I think about
it, I was also the one to introduce the family to
Studio Ghibli in general, and now the whole family is on a crusade to watch every single Ghibli movie. Or at least, they’re gonna watch
every one that I recommend. Oh my goodness, I am scraping
the bottom of the barrel just to get some more piping. All right, that’s gonna have
to do, on to the embeds. What we have here can only be described as purple candy curls. All embeds made by Shelly,
the empress of embeds. Speaking of Shelly, the empress of embeds, I was talking about introducing shows and one of the shows that I
showed, shows that I showed to my family after Caleb clued me in on it is “Over the Garden Wall”. And the empress of embeds is
not one for spooky things. She truly gets spooked
and does not like it. So, whenever we suckered
her into watching that show, I was wondering how long
she’d be able to last. She watched to the end of the
show, but let me tell you, her eyes were bugging out the entire time. And after every episode,
she just looked around and said, “Geez!” Every time that the Beast was on screen, her eyes couldn’t have been larger. I’m not sure if that was torture or if we were culturing her,
but what’s done is done. These embeds kind of remind
me of a purple Fruit Roll-Up. Now, I want my grapefruit roll-up. Where’s my grapefruit roll-up at? And now, for the cherry on top, or in this case, the plum on top. It looks like I’ll be
making two soaps this month that have our signature
Royalty Soaps gumball. I don’t know why, but it’s just, wintertime brings back
some classic Royalty Soaps and Katie can’t help herself
with the big signature gumball. Though, you have to admit, it is most fitting on a soap like this. Sugar plum, you know
there’s gotta be a big plum. Ain’t got no seed, ain’t got no stem, but you know it’s a plum. Speaking of plum, this is
the best transition ever. Clue, I always play Professor Plum. If I can’t play Professor
Plum, I don’t play. Okay, do you understand? He’s nerdy, he’s smart, he’s very likely a partaker
of anime, he is me. And I used to have glasses, okay? So I relate to Professor
Plum on a spiritual level. Katie can have her Miss
Peacock or Miss White, she doesn’t really care as long as it says Mrs. on the front. Me, Plum, everyday. I don’t wanna be colonial
slash Colonel Mustard. Who spelled colonel like that? Were they just trying to be mean to people that are trying to immigrate
to America or England? That is just cruelty. You spell colonel, you
better spell it like popcorn. You think we’re done? Of course we’re not done! There must always be
sparkles and recently, we’ve always been putting on
a sparkle from EcoStardust. They make so many
different custom glitters that there’s always one
that fits with our palette. We can resit. Got some silver, it’s got some red, oh my. A raspberry ripple indeed. Now, I don’t wanna put on
too much of this glitter ’cause we’re not trying to
make the top steal the show. Let’s be honest, the middle is going to be the main event for this soap. We’re gonna lock in all that
glitter and seal up all those embeds using some rubbing
alcohol, which we will spritz on. And now, we can take a close up look at the lovely Sugar Plum Fairy. Ah ha, so candy, so fancy. Look at those curls! Delicious looking, I
don’t even know what candy looks like them, but I
want a bite right now! The big gumball on top,
the perfect glitter. Oh, you know this one’s a winner. But, we’re just looking at the tops. You’re gonna want to stick around because right after this
quick commercial break, we’re gonna chop this open and take a look at how I did on that swirl. What have we got here? It matches the cutter, are you kidding me? All right, we’ll just take
it out of this mold liner and on to the chop block. We’ll lay it down to
preserve the lovely top. Look at that purple color,
my goodness that is vibrant. And let’s just line up our purple, purple cutter on the purple cuttee. Looks like some of these embeds
were put in my an imbecile. All right, let’s just push down gently. Gently! Katie has said, don’t look at the samples. So, the samples will remain where they are and we’ll take a look in the middle. I am nervous about this butterfly swirl. I don’t think I’ve ever done one before, not on purpose anyway. (exclaims in excitement) Success! Look at that butterfly. Let’s see if our butterfly
has spread her wings. (gasp) Yes, it’s beautiful! Put that in the local
newspaper, boy succeeds. I just wanna keep opening up these swirls. What do we got? Peekaboo! – [Katie] (gasp) That looks so
good, I’m legit so impressed. I can’t believe this is
your time doing this. – [Kenny] Thank goodness,
I was so nervous. (laughter) I am so happy that I have
done this soap properly. This is always one of
our favorite soaps to do, the Sugar Plum Fairy, an absolute classic. Just take a gander. This makes me wanna do some sort of summertime monarch butterfly design. This one looks like two hearts. – [Katie] (gasp) Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! – [Kenny] Just in time for
Valentine’s Day, not really. The question of the day is, what is your favorite song
in the Nutcracker ballet? I’ve got to say, I do
love the Russian dancing. But, Princess Buttersweets
or whatever she’s called with all of her children,
that’s my favorite one. Be sure to click the I in the upper right hand corner to vote. I hope you enjoyed this video,
I am so proud of this swirl! If you enjoyed this video and you want to watch more soapy videos,
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the loud and wild outdoors for me to test out these butterfly wings. They sure look good and I wanna
see if they work properly. So, I’ll see you next time! (upbeat hip-hop Christmas music)