If you have fibromyalgia, you no doubt have
tried many treatments. Have you ever wondered if there is something that is not a pill,
is relatively safe, and definitely effective? While some physicians are skeptical about
this one form of treatment, a recent study has shown that there is hope… next
Acupuncture Can Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain, If It’s Tailored Per Patient
Caitlyn Fitzpatrick writing in MD reported according to a new study, scientists have
figured out the factor that separates successes from failure with acupuncture in fibromyalgia. It was just recently that a study conducted
in Brazil concluded that acupuncture does not relieve pain in women with fibromyalgia.
However, like many other studies, this one looked at the effects of standard acupuncture
treatment. A new analysis by researchers in Spain found that the therapy does alleviate
pain – when it’s individualized for each patient. The cohort included 153 patients with fibromyalgia
who were at least 18 years old. The participants were randomly assigned to either receive individualized
acupuncture or simulated “fake” acupuncture. Each treatment consisted of one 20-minute
session per week for 10 weeks, and they also used pain medication.
“This treatment produced an improvement in the participants’ condition, reflected
by a reduction in pain intensity and enhanced functional capacity and quality of life after
the intervention and during the follow up period,” the authors summed up in Acupuncture
in Medicine. Side effects were mild and not common. Previous studies have not observed these kinds
of outcomes because they focused on standardized acupuncture as opposed to individualized treatment. Comment: I think the results definitely make