In this video I’ll uncover the benefits that
fasted exercise has to offer and I’ll teach you
everything you need to know in order to get started today. A lot of people look at intermittent
fasting like it’s some miracle strategy. They see all these people on the internet they’re
getting great results with it and they want to get
those same results but then they use it and things just
aren’t working out. Then they come to realize there’s a little bit more complexity to it
than what they understood originally. When you see all
these people who have great physique online. When you see bodybuilders when you see a lot
of people that are doing a very good job of looking their best. One of the things that
they’re using is intermittent fasting but they’re adding in
a strategy and that’s fasted exercise. So that’s why in this video we’re gonna talk
about fasted exercise for weight loss. I’m gonna give you
a complete guide to entering in the fasted exercise.
We’ll talk about the benefits that offers and so much more but before we get started
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you excel your health and your life. Let’s go ahead and talk
about some of these benefits. First I think that these
benefits are so important and after we talk about the benefits we’ll talk about the proper
hours you need to do this within. We’ll talk about
the things you need to watch out for the big mistakes
a lot of people make and then lastly a few pro tips in order to set you up for success.
Let’s talk about these benefits. Now one of the first
benefits is going to be increased fat burning. Now the
increased fat burning is a huge benefit a lot of people are looking for. The reason
it works so well when you’re doing fasted exercise is
simply because in that fasted state you’re already
pushing yourself towards that state of ketosis. You’re already starting to transfer from our
sugar burner to a fat burner and when you actually
are in the fasted state it just promotes that even
further. So let’s say you’re in that fasted state your body makes that transformation
from sugar to fat burning and then you go and you do
the fasted exercise. It just starts ripping through the
weight loss and it works really well because your body at that point is being forced to
use that fat for energy. That’s its fuel source and
it just really does a phenomenal job at it. So fasted
exercise is great for fat burning. It also is great for hormone boost. This is something
that never I never hear people talk about and when you’re
doing this fasted exercise you’re boosting a lot of
great hormones in your body. Which is really because it has a huge anti-aging effect. Which
is pretty good if people want to look young and
also just look good in general. Now this hormone boost that you’re gonna get is first of all
going to be from growth hormone. Okay when you’re
going and doing the fasted exercise the science shows that in women it boosted growth
hormone upward of 1300 percent. In males upward of 2000 percent. This growth hormone is
very important because as we age it declines but also it’s important for repair of our
body. So that you can recover properly from your workouts
and of course like I said from the beginning, anti-aging. Which most people want that benefit.
Now when it comes to hormones, growth hormones one great benefit but it also for
women it’s going to help balance out your hormones.
The female hormones. For men it’s gonna help boost testosterone. It’s a really really great
way to just get some good hormonal benefit fasted
exercise for the win on this one. Improved muscle
development. Okay I think this is really important because a lot of people out there who are
you know, bodybuilders, people who look really
good. Like I mean come on let’s face it most people
are following someone online that has some great physique. You know male or female it
doesn’t matter because when you look at things like
Instagram for instance it’s just chalked full of that
kind of stuff. You know female/men both just running fitness accounts and they look amazing.
One of the strategies they often use is going to be intermittent fasting. Now one of the
benefits that you’re gonna get from this is first of
all you’re gonna get that increased fat burning without
losing the muscle. What happens when you’re doing intermittent fasting and you’re also
doing this fasted exercise; you get the improved
muscle development from muscle regulatory factor.
Okay so this is released and it helps give you good muscle development. It also helps
give you good healthy lean muscle not fatty muscle
and then lastly it helps promote muscle growth. Also
helps you not lose it. Okay so that’s one of the amazing things about intermittent fasting
and that’s one of the amazing things about fasted
exercise. It promotes muscle growth and you don’t
lose it. So for someone who’s just trying to lose weight and they’re trying to do there’s
this plain old calorie restriction deal. One of the problems
with it is that you’re going to lose the muscle mass along with it. So it’s a big problem
but if you’re doing intermittent fasting that’s not the
case. Now increase ketone production. This is another great benefit. Now when we increase
ketone production in our body it has so many benefits. It’s great for your brain. I mean
there’s so many different health conditions that are
reversed when you do this. Now when you increase this ketone production; one of the things
that also means is that you’re in a fat-burning state
when you’re in that fat-burning state you’re burning that fat off your body. You’re getting
the benefits from ketones. It’s a win win. Next
here is brain derived neurotrophic factor ( BDNF).
This BDNF works in your brain just as MRF works on your muscles. It helps stimulate
new neuronal growth, neurogenesis. It helps to
create good synapses and as a result it helps improve your memory. It helps with cognitive
function. It helps with so much. The BDNF is
increased through doing fasted exercise. Increase insulin sensitivity. I’m not going to talk
too much on that . We all know that this is a
huge benefit. You don’t have to have insulin resistance,
you don’t have to have type-2 diabetes for you benefit from increased insulin sensitivity.
Everybody can benefit from this. Fasted exercise is a great way to make all of your hormones
plus more sensitive and especially insulin. Mitochondrial biogenesis is of another major
benefit when you do fast and exercise it stimulates
the creation of good healthy mitochondria. Now
mitochondria the powerhouse in the cell. This powerhouse is going to be responsible for
going and producing your internal energy. Okay so
a lot of people are looking for external sources of
energy. Caffeine all these different nutrient drinks. Many people are looking to that external
source but the truth is is we want to have a good internal source of energy. Mitochondrial
biogenesis from fasted exercise is a great way to improve your natural energy stores.
Let’s talk about the best time to do this here. Now the
thing is there’s a lot of people will think well fasted
exercise so as long as I’m fasted then that’s considered fasted exercise; big wrong there.
Now the reason for this is because fasted exercise
is when you are in a fasted state in your physiology actually shows that you’re in a
fasted state. This is actually a piece from some
research and what it shows to us is what is happening as you fast. So this is a five hour
mark. This is the ten hour mark and then 15 hour.
Now what we’re seeing here is this is your like
glycogen stores. This is your stored sugar in your body. As these glycogen stores plummet
then we start to see how few other things happen.
We see plasma free fatty acids start to increase and we also see your ketones start to increase
as well. So this is going to be the big cutoff mark
as to when we need to go and start doing exercise in order to get the benefits. So if you want
to do fasted exercise it’s just not a matter
of well you know let’s say I’m doing intermittent fasting
and I stopped eating at seven o’clock at night and then I worked out at eight o’clock at
night. That’s not fasted exercise, fasted exercise
is once you hit that 12 hour mark. So we want to
make sure it’s 12 plus hours we hit that 12 hour mark and then all these changes these
physiological changes are starting to occur and then we just kind of ramp that up and
push it a little bit further by going and doing the
fasted exercise. So if you want the true benefits from
fasted exercise. You at least in my opinion have to be hitting a 12 hour mark and of course
the research shows that this is when a lot of
the changes are occurring in the body and that is going
to be the best time to implement that. Okay now let’s say that if it’s not at the 12 hour
mark it’s anything 12 hours and beyond so if it’s 16
hours, 18 hours whatever it is. If you’re doing one
meal a day it all depends but we want to hit 12 hours. Let’s talk about some of the things
we have to watch out for. Overtraining and undereating
are a big problem for people who are trying to go and do fasted exercise. It stalls your
results here’s what happens you’re gonna get decreased strength and endurance which is
a big problem. Okay if you’re trying to build muscle.
If you’re trying to do some hit training the other thing is that you’re gonna end up with
a lot of fatigue muscle loss. Okay if you’re not, let’s
say you’re trying to do this old scenario. You go to
try to gain muscle you’re losing it. Decreased libido, frequent illness. Okay you’re just
getting sick you don’t want to have that happen. Decrease
performance, excessive soreness and let’s say that you’re implementing this exercise
in the soreness is so bad and you’re not recovering from it and then frequent injuries that you’re
not recovering from either. Okay this can be due to
overtraining; it can be due to under eating. A lot of people fall into this category with
intermittent fasting where they just try to ramp up everything.
Trying to ramp up the exercise. Trying to ramp
up the fasting method. They don’t get enough calories. If you don’t have proper caloric
intake make sure that you start working on that.
If you have no clue if you have proper caloric intake
you know take into consideration how you can fix this problem. Start tracking your calories,
look at your macros break it all down. It’s a good
thing for everybody to do for a certain period of time
in their life so that they can understand how much food they should have. Also what
kind of portion sizes they need especially when you’re
going from three meals a day to two meals a day
or maybe even one meal a day. Sometimes mentally this can be a little bit challenging to really
understand how much food we should eat and if we’re not understanding that simple concept
we can start to go backwards here when it comes to trying to get results. Let’s talk
about a couple pro tips. Okay I like to say that if
you are going in doing this type of fasted exercise in
which I’m talking about. Then you are gonna want to do it anywhere for between 30 to 60
minutes. Now I will say if someone’s doing some really high intense interval training
you can get away with like 20 minutes and still get some
pretty great results but thirty to sixty minutes is
going to be the general timeframe. Okay the reason that I cut it off at 60 minutes is
because when you’re doing fasting and you’re doing
just excessive training then you need to make sure
that you’re getting proper calories and a lot of times it doesn’t go well. If you’re
trying to do faster training if you’re working out really hard.
So for instance I was training for a Spartan Race. I
mean these exercises that I could do these workout routines were anywhere from an hour
and a half to two and a half hours for proper training.
When I was doing these I’m like my on hard days
intermittent fasting was so hard for me to do and of course fasted exercise would have
probably been impossible because I likely would have
fainted. So we want to make sure that we’re you
know; have proper intention when going into this stuff. Okay we understand what timeframe
we’re working out in. What’s necessary to get results and then of course; are we trying
to lose weight are we trying to gain muscle? High
intensity interval training is really great for those who
are just trying to lose weight. Getting that HIIT in is great if you’re not familiar with
HIIT, I’ll put a link right up here. Also I’ll put a link at
the end of this video. So you can learn more about HIIT.
So check that out next. What we want to take a look at here is if you’re trying to gain
some muscle mass then weight training is going
to be your best bet during this time. So losing weight
is high-intensity interval training. Weight training you want to just make sure that you’re
doing that 30 to 60 minutes of weight training while
fasted. If you’re trying to do both, let’s say; you’re
trying to lose some weight gain some muscle going and switching from one to the other
day after day is also highly beneficial. I do
that in a lot of cases. I’ll do HIIT training one day, weight
training the next. Fasting is not magical. I like to point that out because a lot of
people think that you know you can just implement this stuff
and you don’t have to pay any attention to the
strategy behind it. It just is supposed to work, no. This is science, this is strategy;
this is how you get results. The next thing that a lot of
people ask me is can you take essential amino acids
when doing fasted exercise. I personally do, the reason for this is because first of all
I’m taking a good quality amino acid that’s not going to
mess up my fast. The reason for this is because I’m
using it while doing the exercise all right. Now one thing I want to point out is that
if you’re going and taking essential amino acids while sitting
at your desk chair then is likely going to break
your fast. If you’re doing it with exercise it’s a different scenario. You’re going to
utilize that very quickly in your system. So I’ll take like
a half a scoop a set of essential amino acids prior to my
workout. Half a scoop after and that’s how I know that my muscles are getting the proper
building blocks so that I can actually increase strength but the other thing is that because
I’m using a good clean one that is loaded with
first of all sea salt. It has lots of good sea salt for
electrolytes and then also it’s sweetened with stevia. I know that it’s not gonna be
spiking my blood sugar out of control. I use essential
amino acids and I recommend it while doing fasted
exercise for good results. It’s not something you have to have but I will say that if you’re
trying to build muscle and you’re trying to gain strength
it’s a great thing to use. I’ll put a link in the
description to the one that I use because as I said taking any essential amino acid
is not going to be approved but if you’re taking a really
good quality one that is really pure, really good then
that is something that can actually benefit you. So be sure to look at that. Now be sure
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that have maybe caused you to not get results. Some
of the things that help increase your results put that in the description below. Share that
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stuff and give this video a thumbs up and check
out this video over here on high-intensity interval training because this is what’s going
to really help you lose some of that weight. Doing high-intensity
interval training will help keep your cortisol levels low compared to doing long-term
steady-state cardiovascular exercise.