Mrs. Alzira! It smells so good! I’m really hungry! – Do you also eat only vegetables like your… Your… – Partner! – Yeah, that’s it! – I’m a carnivorous. I love meat: beef, pork, game meat… – I see… Solid food! – Exactly! A man’s food! – Do you need help? – I’m gonna take this to the dinner table. – What’s wrong, my love? Can’t you give a little hand to Mrs. Alzira? – Let’s go to the table, guys! Come on! – Com on, Paulinha! – Come on, baby! Sit here! – Fast, fast, fast! Seriously! I’m really hungry! – Is everybody seated? May we start? – I hope you like it! Enjoy your meal! – Are you all from the same grade? – Yes, all of us except Mariana. She’re one year younger. – And do you guys already know what kind of career do you wanna have in the future? – I don’t know yet, but as long as it has a guitar on it, I’ll be pleased! – I know: ac… actor! One day, I’ll be on those Hollywood m… m… movies! And in magazine covers, as well! – Oh… What about you André? – I love to dance, but I’m not sure yet about what I want for my life. – Oh… If you get married, one can go to work and the other can stay at home, taking care of the children. – Daughter, don’t you wanna eat a little more? – No, thank you. What about your parents? Don’t they say a word about you being… You know… – Mother! Don’t you think you’re being a bit nosy? – Daughter, I wanna get to know your friends better. In the end of the day, you share the same house, the daily life… – Mrs. Alzira, you can be sure that Paulinha is in very good hands… – Damn it! How could you not understand it? Even after my move?!? – I couldn’t remember your cards! – Oh, you need more practice in card games! You’re too weak! – I p… p… prefer to be better in other fields… – Like what? – Like acting! Today I… I… I attended an audition and I’m sure I’m gonna win the, the, the role! – Enough! I give up! I’m sick of hear about that damn audition! Papoila, do you wanna play with this pompous? – Me? No! Damn it! – Mariana? – Are you talking to me? – No, no, no, no, no… Actually, he’d deserve to be beaten! – He’d deserve to be silenced! He’s annoying! -You guys… get mad as well. – Of course, Mrs. Alzira! That’s perfectly normal! Just like any other couple… But, we’ll make amends in a little while. Right, sweetheart? – Yeah, you better do it and we can play the game later… I’m… very tired now… – Mrs. Alzira, you can sleep in my bed, I insist. – No, I’ll stay here in this sofa. – No way! I’ll sleep in the sofa. – No! I don’t want to disturb you guys! – Mrs. Alzira, take this chance… The sofa doesn’t match with you! – Alright, then I’ll take it… Thank you, Mariana. I believe your friends have a good heart. – Here I have people who respect me and like me as I am. – Yeah, but your friends’ tastes are a little unusual… But, anyway… If they don’t brainwash you, I’ll be satisfied… – Seriously! How humiliating: Me dating you??? – Why do you say that, baby? Don’t you like me anymore? Don’t you find me sexy and attractive anymore? I’m gonna cry!… – André, shut up! Ok? Pal… Seriously… What if people find out? – Oh, relax, man! This is just a private joke here at the house! – Sure, a private joke! Paula will owe me this one for the rest of her life! How long will we have to pretend? Seriously… And wh… wh… when will Paula’s mother leave? – Can you please stop being so annoying? You wanna be an actor! Then, why don’t you look at this as some kind of, I don’t know… role! – Look, I’m gonna sleep, only to stop thinking about this! – Andrézinho… Don’t you get into the character too much, ok? I don’t want to be attacked by you during the night! – But… Why, Fábio? Do you have any ideas? – What? – André, I’m kidding, ok? Keep the “hygienic distance”! Paula’s mom is not here! We don’t need to pretend, now! – You’ve got serious sexual affirmation problems! Admit it! – Look… André… Sleep! – Do you want a little coffee, Mariana? – Thank you. I’ll have it at the school! Did you sleep well, Mrs. Alzira? – The mattress is wonderful! And thank you, for having borrow me your bed. – Are you still here? – Yes, daughter, but I have to go to my appointment, now. – Let it be, I’ll wash the cup. – Alright… Thank you. – See you later and pay attention in the school! – Ciao! – Say something later! – Yes! – Did your mom make many questions? – She’s still a bit stunted due to what she heard yesterday. – What about that gay thing between Fábio & André? – She was shocked! Poor woman! We have gays in the village, but they’re just in the closet. – Of course… – Good morning! – Good morning! – Did your m… m… mother leave a… a… already? – Yes, she went to the doctor. – I was getting sick of those little plays and those weird comments! – Oh… But, I’m gonna miss you so much, my sweet little love! – Spicy sausage and bread are in this bag… Cheese, honey and sweets are in this one! And the vegetables for the soup are all cut, in the freezer. – Thank you, Mrs. Alzira! You’re so sweet! – They were so fresh! I reaped them just before coming here. – Let’s go mom, otherwise you’ll miss the bus. – That’s right… Well… Thank you again. It’s good to know that our daughter is in good hands. And you two… I’m sorry if I was inconvenient, but I’m not used to these modern things! – Don’t worry, Mrs. Alzira. We’re already used to people who react that way… Right, baby? – Enough, mom! Let’s go! – Papoila… Take care of my daughter! Keep her away from the city dangers! – Don’t worry, Mrs. Alzira. Paula knows how to take care of herself… And I’m here for whatever she needs. – Oh… you’re so sweet! Thank you! And you guys, see you soon! Have good sense! – Bye! – Have a good trip! – Bye! – F… f… finally! – I must confess that I was sick of pretending to be this guy’s boyfriend! – Wait! What? “Girlfriend!” I w… w… was the male! – You? You must be kidding! – André, Anyone could tell! – You’re the one who likes Tom Cruise! I rest my case! – What about y… y… you? With your queer s… s… scarfs and g… g… golden sneakers? – Yeah, but I have a special girl friend… What about you? – Well… I, I, I’ve got p… p… plenty! – Still awake? – I can’t sleep… – What about Paulinha? – She’s also having insomnia. She’s at the balcony diving into her own thoughts. – We’re all in the same page, in this house… – Why? – Fábio must be having weird thoughts… He’s having a very disturbed sleep… – What’s up, Fábio?… Are you ready? – Oh… Y… y… yes, of course! – You’re a little bit tense… – Yeah… I am… Just a little bit… – If you want, I can make you a massage for you to relaxe… – What’s up? I wanna make you a massage as well… – Easy, easy, easy… There’s enough Fábio for both of you… I just need to.. Oh… I’ll… I’ll give you grades, in the end… – As you wish, Fábio… I’m sure you’re going to love the massage… – Paula… Give me the oil… – I can’t find it! – I’m the one who has the oil… And I’m the one who’s going to give you the best massage! – No!… – Oh, yeah!… And it’s going to be “au naturel”… – What d… d… do you mean: “au naturel”??? – Undernear this bathrobe… …I’m wearing nothing! – NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! – Well… “disturbed” is a nice word. He seems like he’s collapsing! – I’m glad I’m not there! Otherwise, something bad could happen to me! – We better go there to see if he’s still alive.