I had an experience in my life
that changed everything It was this feeling
that I’d never felt before All of a sudden, I saw my life from a much bigger perspective Yoga itself is a word that means union to be united, to be connected to be one, to be whole It’ll make you feel blissful light, happy, joyful healthy, and strong, and clear especially in the mind
like mental clarity Through manipulating your body exercising your body,
and breathing deeply you can bring a balance and an alignment
in your physical body that affects the mind So there’s a peace
and a stillness in the mind which affects the emotions as well and ultimately, the spirit The mastery of yoga the perfection of yoga,
the experience of yoga is one of absolute balance Real yoga, the real yogis that fly they can levatate The full fact is the body becomes so light they actually begin to float What the yogi does
is concentrates on the breath to bring the full potential of the energy
from each breath in The breathing is the tool to release tension out of the body
and to bring in new fresh energy The last breath is the end of the life