Personally for me, how do I find the time
to even exercise? Well, that can get kind of tricky. As a teenager and a senior in
high school, oftentimes I can be under a barrage of stress I have
school life and I also have like my own home life that I have to deal with. Most
of time it feels very overwhelming and very very controlling. It feels like
something’s holding you back, even though you don’t really know what to do. The way that I kind of try to find time is by just kind of like organizing my
schedule and just taking like at least an hour out of a day to not have anything
else to do but just settle down and just exercise. For me, kind of the best
activity that like makes me feel the most energetic would be running. Oftentimes what I do to cope with that or to help with that is I will go for a run. For some reason jogging makes me feel best. It doesn’t really
require any skill set, you just literally run. You can do it outside, you
can do it in a gym. It offers a good 30 minutes or an hour of just being alone with your thoughts. and thinking about “what are the reasons
of why I’m stressed?” and “why am I so overwhelmed right now?” I feel more
connected with nature I’m able to finally take a nice breath of fresh air
and it’s just it’s really just relaxing after a stressful day at school or a
stressful day at home. I am not very good at running, so it definitely it helps me not focus on work just because I’m so focused on how out of shape I am. So, I’m not a big exercise person but the few times I go to the gym is because I have
like a free day in between where my family is going and it’s a big group
event so we all go together. Having other people definitely helps to
incentivize me to go as well. For recreation I played Pokemon Go. I play Pokemon Go. It makes walking on
a street where it’d otherwise be entirely boring to walk actually fun. If it’s fun
it’s not exercise it’s just something you do for fun. Like even if I wasn’t
stressed or if I didn’t need if I didn’t need the exercise at all, I’d still do it. If it’s a game I’m playing or if I’m running or whatever it is I’m doing I
can just be focused on that one singular thing. For example, I’m stressed about
maybe writing a paper or working on some math problems or doing something else
that’s probably on a computer or paper. If I’m actually outside doing stuff, I’m
using different muscles different parts of my brain. It literally takes my mind
or my body off of whatever it is that I’ve been focusing on and focuses on
something else so those parts of my brain or body get a rest and then I get
to exercise the other parts that I haven’t been using. So overall, it really
balances out well and allows me to be much more focused going back into whatever it was that was stressing me out Exercise is scientifically proven to
help you manage your stress. Our bodies are trained to run from
situations when we’re stressed, so basically if you exercise it’s
a way of reducing that nervous energy and actually getting it out of your
system. So for me, exercise is all about making sure I have a schedule. Whether
it be making sure that after school for two or three days a week
that I’m exercising, going to the gym or doing something even in my own home,
getting that schedule down is really important for me. Also, I think that
there’s this misconception that when you exercise you have to get this
crazy cardio in. So for example, I have a knee injury so I can’t run but
I find other ways of exercising so whether it be just doing
sit-ups in your room, just a way of getting your heart rate up and making
sure that you’re getting that nervous energy out of your system. For me that’s that’s exercising, that’s the best way of getting it out. It doesn’t have to be running. Definitely, and exercise is going to look different
for everyone. I think it feels like a chore if you’re not enjoying it but if
you find a way to exercise that you actually like doing, then you’ll make
sure to incorporate it into your schedule. For some people that looks like
putting in headphones and shutting out the rest of the world. For other people
that can look like playing on a soccer team and really competing with other
people around you that might be your friends or might just be teammates you
meet at the park. I think also we have a tendency to beat ourselves up a little
bit when we don’t exercise and I think that it’s important to not let exercise
stress you out when it’s supposed to be a tool to help you reduce your stress. So
in general, exercise is important. We all know that. But find ways to incorporate
it into your lifestyle that work for you.