A text, one signifier, sound exists as symbolic signification. For me learning Korean traditional music which is learned from Haegeum was actually reading the given signifiers. So the traditional music was actually one of many sounds to me, and the results which are obtained through the process of learning without knowing the meaning of the signifiers made me to enter a world of specific associated sense, on which I’m standing as traditional musician. Signifier contains signified, but it is also assumed that there is always a body which reads and performs it. The body always exists as a constant in this relationship. Because our body is not always fixed, it makes a difference. This difference makes through the accumulation of time other derivative or parasite such as cell division, and the process continues until the time of our body is over. Body is difference. (J.R.Nancy) Text is also difference. We are existing among these differences Also sound and I myself. Haegeum which constitutes my externality is a tool not to restrict myself but to open my existence. My hand, arm, belly, head, legs, feet, muscles, hearts, lungs, brain, nerves, mouth and my tongue. From inside to outside, back to inside, from material to immaterial, back to material. With constant division and coalescence. So I make my way of constant generated loop with my sound.