Hello Young Living! I wanted to take a few moments to share
some important company updates with you. We’re a global family working together
to create a brighter world, and it’s important to us that you’re
in the loop about key business activities. We think you deserve total transparency. First and foremost, I want you to know that
we’re very much “business as usual”. Despite the growing health concerns in the
world right now related to COVID-19, here at Global Headquarters,
we’re not slowing down and we’re here to support you more than ever before. That goes for all of our market leadership
around the world too. I’ve watched corporate leaders in every
Young Living market respond to this crisis with timeliness, insight, and the agility
required to overcome the business challenges presented by this global situation. Whether you are in North America, Latin America,
Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, you can be confident that your local leadership
is there to provide you support and guidance. A key part of running business as usual is
that we continue putting people first, so we’ve taken key steps at global headquarters
to protect our employees around the world. One of these steps is following sound
guidance from public health authorities and asking employees to work from home
for the near future. For areas of our business with functions
that cannot be done remotely, we’re strategically staggering shifts to
create space between people to reduce potential exposure—both for employees
and members of our community. This includes, for example, our farms,
warehouse and shipping operations, and other important functions. Globally, you can also count on the support you need
from your market member services teams. Whether you’re a Young Living employee
adjusting to working from home or a member continuing to work on building
a business while reducing your potential contact, I’d like to make the following suggestions
to help you stay on track: No. 1. Take a moment at the beginning
and end of the day to call key members of your team to check in. No. 2. Teleconference weekly with key team members
for follow-up on any important goals your team is working on. No. 3. Give yourself a consistent schedule that works
for you—in a designated place in your home and stick to that schedule. No. 4. Create daily to-do lists,
prioritizing your top three tasks. With all of that said,
I want to express my gratitude for you, this company, and for the myriad ways
I’ve watched this amazing worldwide family support one another at this trying time. There are challenges to contend with,
but we’re more than equipped to handle them. Our executive leadership team is solid, strong, passionate
and prepared to handle this challenge, and all others. I’ve asked our trusted CFO, Lee Bowen,
to chair our Emergency Preparedness Committee working closely with our Vice President of People,
Aubrey Bates, and other key company leaders. This Committee is charged with briefing
the executive team daily, as well as processing key data points from
health authorities to help us make wise and proactive decisions to protect our people. I’ve invited some key corporate leaders
to speak with you today regarding other elements of our business impacted by the current situation. Prasad Gankanda, our Senior Vice President
of Global Sales, along with Josh Kelshaw, Director of Global Events,
will brief you on company events. Will Brief you on company events. Lauren Walker, our Chief Supply Chain Officer,
will discuss our Thieves replenishment strategy. Dr. Mike Buch will share some valuable information
on Thieves and other protective products. And of course, finally, we’ll hear from our founder
and CEO, Mary Young who will share some parting words of wisdom for all of us. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your time today.
Have a fantastic weekend! Take it away, Prasad… Thanks Jared. I’m grateful to work for a company that
genuinely cares about the safety and wellbeing of its employees and members. We’ve spent many hours discussing
how to proceed with Young Living’s events, including the International Grand Convention. As this situation is fluid,
we are unable to predict what the state of the Coronavirus will be in June. For that reason, we’ve decided to cancel
the in-person International Grand Convention and instead will be offering an amazing
virtual experience this year. It was a tough decision, wasn’t it, Jared? it was so tough. Cancelling our in-person Convention was
one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever made as a management team.
But we feel that it was a responsible decision to make. Although we’ll miss seeing
each of you in person, the Virtual Convention will be an
impactful experience that will allow us to reach more people
in more homes around the world than ever before. And that’s what I love about it.
Silver lining with a great opportunity. Exactly. Our Director of Global Events, Josh Kelshaw,
is here to share details about this phenomenal virtual experience. Josh, the time is yours. Thanks Prasad. As Jared said, it won’t be the same to not
to see all of your faces this year in Salt Lake, but Brittani and I and our events team
are excited at the opportunity to create an amazing virtual experience for our members. In regard to “VIGC”,
Virtual International Grand Convention we’re very fortunate that we already
had a digital solution in place, providing us the ability to offer this
event to members when so many other events around the world are being cancelled. Utilizing this technology, we’ll be able to
deliver exclusive, high-quality content to all who are registered. We’ll still offer the same in-depth product
and business education that you’ve come to expect and rely on from Convention,
and those who have purchased a Virtual Convention ticket will still have
the first-right to purchase new products. All of this is just the basics
and the beginning of what is going to be a robust virtual experience. I know that a lot of you will have many
questions about what this event will look like. We ask for your patience as we navigate
this shift from live to virtual, understanding that the information
we have provided is what’s readily available, from the US and all global markets. We don’t have all the answers right now,
but we are working to get them for you. What I can tell you is that for all
who registered for IGC, your registration will automatically
be converted to a “VIGC” ticket, and you will be refunded any amount paid above
the 75 U.S. dollar price of the Virtual Convention, also known as the “digital connection” ticket. For those who purchased Kids camp,
or Recognition Gala tickets, you will receive a full refund for these purchases. And for any hotel rooms you may have booked
within the contracted Young Living room blocks, our events staff will be cancelling your
reservation on your behalf and all first night deposits will be refunded. We ask at this time that you not contact
the hotels directly regarding hotel cancelations or first night stay refunds,
as we are currently in the process of navigating this shift with them. We will be sending out a communication
immediately following this video that will have additional details
and a link to an FAQ that we will continue to update as we have more answers and information. Please refer to these resources
as you have questions. Again, we appreciate your patience as we
continue to get you updates as quickly as possible. We will continue to be in touch in the
coming weeks and months as we get closer to our first Virtual International Grand Convention. Thank you, Josh. As I mentioned, the safety and wellbeing
of the attendees at any Young Living event has and always will be our highest priority. We’ll continue to evaluate our general
event schedule and update event dates and locations as needed. I’d now like to welcome on Lauren Walker,
our Chief Supply Chain Officer. Thank you Prasad. There has been an incredible demand for
our high-quality products in light of the current crisis. This has led to an increase of products
that have gone out of stock, especially our beloved Thieves family products. In fact, sales of some of our products
have increased over a thousand percent. The Young Living team has an aggressive plan
to replenish inventory to our global markets. Our suppliers and partners are also
fully committed to serve Young Living and our members by responding
with the highest sense of urgency. We are all staffed to work extra shifts
and weekends to manage the increased demand. There are also additional manufacturing lines
and facilities completing their qualification plans to start production next week. These collective plans increase our
Thieves production output by over 100 thousand bottles per product. There has also been a tremendous level of creativity and teamwork
occurring behind the scenes to shorten the lead time to get inventory to your market
and warehouses around the globe. Here is just one example
I’d like to share with you. Our 7.6-ounce Hand Sanitizer,
that by the way kills 99.99% of germs, is currently out of stock as demand for this product
has spiked up over 700% in some markets. The bottle for this product has a long lead time. Well, our teams came up with an idea of
qualifying our V6 bottle, of which we have plenty of available inventory,
and applying the Thieves Hand Sanitizer labeling. This idea will allow us to go into production tomorrow
instead of waiting a month for bottles to arrive at our facilities. So, you will have the same product
you know and love, with a new look to service you faster! In summary, some markets will start seeing
Thieves and other high demand products that support a healthy immune system
as early as next week. Other markets have products in transit. Please know that although we are
working aggressively to serve you, we will never sacrifice our commitment
to Seed To Seal. Our products will be back in stock worldwide
at the quality level you have come to expect and enjoy from Young Living. I’d now like to bring on our
Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mike Buch. Thanks Laruen. I want to build on what Lauren said and assure you
that our rigorous quality testing will continue unchanged. This means that our scientists
will be not be working from home, but we are encouraging them to take all
reasonable safety precautions in the labs. Now speaking of reasonable safety precautions,
let me tell you about some of the precautions that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
otherwise known as the CDC, recommend for all of us. First and foremost, they recommend that we
all wash our hands with soap and water. Luckily for us, Young Living makes high quality
soaps like our Thieves Foaming Hand Soap. But did you know that many of us
wash our hands incorrectly? You see, most of us tend to wash like this:
But when we do that we’re actually washing the back surfaces of our hands and what we should be doing is washing the surfaces
on our hands that actually contact other surfaces So we should be washing like this, we should be washing
our fingertips, our thumbs, and most importantly under our nails. No the CDC recommends that we wash our hands
for at least 20 seconds under running water. If you don’t have access to soap and water,
the CDC suggests you use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol,
like our Thieves Hand Sanitizer. The CDC also recommends that you clean
hard surfaces with products containing at least 70% alcohol, like our Thieves Spray. Finally, now is the time to try our fantastic Thieves cough drops. These are all natural cough drops
that are so effective they meet all the FDA OTC medicine
requirements to suppress coughs. So the best way we can help mitigate the
spread of pathogens is to stay clean. We have the products to help you do that. After all, living clean is what
Young Living is all about. So now let me introduce someone
who needs no introduction, our CEO and Co-founder, Mary Young. Thanks Mike. I think you should all join me.
I love your energy. It’s powerful. Thank you so much. The unknown, is always a challenge,
especially when there are so many factors that are beyond our control. This is a time when many people are panicking,
but they are panicking because they don’t know what to do, and they are afraid of the unknown. Gary said that fear is paralyzing,
and that living in fear is the exact opposite of living a purpose-driven and productive life. I think if Gary were here he would say that
we just have to outsmart the fear, and that is what we are doing
here at Young Living. I have to remind myself of Gary’s
thoughts about problems, fearful things, about the unknown,
and he always said, if you have a problem and you bring it to me
you better come with a solution. I’m excited about the solutions that we’re finding. And here at Young Living we
refuse to live in fear. We have an amazing leadership team
that is smart and knows how to plan, and how to make good decisions
to keep things running. We care about all of our people dearly,
both those on the corporate side and those on the member side,
and we are doing everything we can to be prepared and protective. Of course we would prefer to hold live events
and interact with you in person, but we are being proactive for
the well-being of Young Living. As Jared and Prasad both said,
it was such a difficult decision, can you imagine, this is a
historical moment for all of us, the first time in history we are not
doing a live convention from stage. I’m not going to get to sing
the National Anthem. I’m not going to see all the flags come in.
Oh my goodness, it’s so exciting. Like Gary said, come with a solution. When we started talking about this
I could see the wheels going around in the minds of our events people,
oh my goodness they have a vast challenge, an enormous challenge, and they are excited,
they have solutions, and they are going to make this something
really great, and wonderful for all of us. It’s definitely a year of transformation,
but we are facing the challenges with a sense of adventure. These challenges are presenting
a fabulous opportunity to communicate with our members worldwide. Can you just imagine how they are going to feel
knowing that they don’t have to register and hear us say, “sorry, we’re all sold out.” No one will be turned away because
everyone can listen, everyone can tune in, even with the kids
running around in the background. Just imagine what that’s going to be like
for all the moms with their kids at home who would love to come to convention
and are wondering what to do. And then, when they have their friends over,
their friends bring their kids, oh my goodness its going to be so much fun. It’s a terrific advantage for our members
and it’s a terrific opportunity for us, for our events team to strategize
on how we can make this the best experience ever in a unique and innovative way. We love you all and know that
you will be smart and careful. Walk with a peaceful mind,
knowing that when we do the right thing for the right reason,
we will have the right outcome. Just think of our events team and the
enormous task they have ahead of them. Please be patient, be kind,
and let them do their magic. They will take care of the problems.
They are solution oriented, so let them do what they do best. Just remember, we at Young Living
have an advantage; we have essential oils
and we know how to use them. Just keep spraying, washing,
cleaning, and avoid the crowds. We love you and will we see you soon,
in a virtual space.