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the end of the video because I’ve got a free essential oils resource I know you’re going
to want to get your hands on. My name is Leigh Cara. I’m a certified holistic health coach through
the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I help pro female performers release negative
thoughts that are holding them back and create sustainable shifts in their health and wellness
through nutrition, movement, spiritual practice, and lifestyle. I’ve got a great resource on the emotional
and spiritual properties of essential oils that I’ll be using throughout this video and
I will link to it in the description below. So let’s dive in. So before we talk about which oils to use
in your meditation practice, let’s talk about how you can use them. There are two main ways you can use oils for
meditation. The first one is aromatic. So the easiest way is just to either inhale
the oil directly from the bottle or place a drop or two in the palms of your hands and
rub them together and inhale from your palms. Another great way to use the oils aromatically
is to put a couple of drops into a diffuser, which is going to disperse the oil into the
air. I’ve linked to my favorite diffuser down in
the description below. So the other great way to use oils for meditation
is topically. To do this, simply place a few drops in the
Palm of your hand and apply to any selected area that you want to target. A few of my favorites for
meditation are the crown third eye and heart chakras. When it comes to essential oils, a little
goes a really long way because the oils are incredibly concentrated, potent and powerful. So a good rule of thumb is to dilute the oils
with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil to relieve any kind of skin sensitivities
or reduce any skin sensitivities you might have. So now let’s get to the oils themselves. By the way, all the oils I’m talking about
in this video today are going to be linked in the description below. So number one is Rose oil, the oil of divine
love. If you want to talk about an oil that’s going
to seriously raise your frequency, Rose oil holds a higher frequency than any other oil
on the planet. It’s a super powerful healer of the heart
and supports you in connecting with divine love. This love restores you to
authenticity, wholeness and purity. Rose oil embodies divine love and teaches
you how to contact this love through prayer, meditation, and opening the heart to receive
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are finding this video helpful or interesting so far. Number two, is sandalwood, the oil of sacred
devotion. Sandalwood is a great oil to assist in all
kinds of prayer, meditation, or spiritual worship, no matter what that looks like for
you. It teaches respect for deity and has been
used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart,
and prepare you to commune with the divine. In doing so, it raises you up to higher levels
of consciousness and can help you to reach beyond your own limiting beliefs. So number three is frankincense, the oil of
truth. Now this oil is known as the King of essential
oils because it can be used in so many different ways to help elevate your health, whether
that’s mentally, spiritually, physically. This oil is amazing all around. This oil helps you create new perspectives
based on light and truth and helps you to let go of low vibes, lies, deception and negativity. Frankincense actually helps you to remember
gifts and knowledge that your soul brought into this life that you may have forgotten. And it’s a very, very powerful cleanser of
dark spiritual energy. It connects the soul with its own inner light,
reveals truth, and opens up the spiritual channels that allow you to connect with the
divine. Now, number four in my experience of using
essential oils during my meditation practice is one of the most powerful oils by far and that is Melissa, the oil of light. Now this oil awakens the soul to truth and
light. It reminds you of who you truly are and why
you came to this earth and invites you to release anything and everything that holds
you back from reaching your fullest potential. This little powerhouse oil
gives strength and vitality to the inner most corners of your heart and soul and invites
you into higher levels of living and dreaming. It literally prepares your soul to up level
and helps you to shed anything and everything that is not in alignment with your inner light
and your highest self. So now you have four essential oils you can
start using in your meditation practice today. But what if now you want to learn more about
how you can incorporate essential oils into your own mindfulness practice. I’ve actually got a free 19 page guide for
you called “Focus, Motivation and Essential Oils” that’s going to help deepen your understanding
of how oils can benefit those areas of your life in a really big way. And I’ve linked to that in the description
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