Uh huh! There it is! Monday, 18:30… A traditional hand massage. Everything is in order. Exactly. Would you like something to drink? Tea? Coffee? Juice? Water? If you change your mind… You just tell me, right? Great! So today we will give you a hand massage. Please put your hands on the towel. Like that. I see that your hands are quite shapely. Your skin is… smooth but also a little dry. That’s not a problem. I will take care of that today. Great. First… I will remove the nail polish. It is important to prepare your hands well for the treatment. Like that. There we go. And I’ll start with… your pinky. Like this. And the ring finger. And the middle finger. And the index finger. Like this. And the thumb. Your nail plates look very well cared-for. Do you use some kind of nail treatment? Or is it maybe the effect of a special diet? Ah! It’s the genes! I’m asking because many of my clients… …are complaining about their nails. Yes. Now, may I ask for your other hand? And again. Pinky. And… …the ring finger. Middle finger. Index finger. And the last one, your thumb. I’m almost done. Show me your hands. Very good. Now I will use a hand peeling for your hands. I have chosen for you… a fine grained peeling. Yes. With a fine grain. Yes, I think it will be appropriate. I am sure of it. So, let me apply it on your left hand. And on your right hand. Like that. And I’ll start with the peeling. I am using the peeling in order to… achieve a better absorption and… …adoption of a special massage lotion… …which I will apply in a moment… …and which has quite a lot of nourishing properties. Okay? I am using rather firm… circular movements. The peeling also has the effect that… …your skin will become even more soft… …and even more silky than it is now. You could say it is a great prelude to the massage. Like an introductory massage. That’s right. I am focusing on… …the outer part of your hand. In a second I’ll continue with the inner part of your hand. And done. Great! You can now wipe your hands clean with the towel. Right. Great. Now we can move on to the massage. I will use a special oily lotion. Its benefit is that… …it doesn’t smell like anything. So I can add a few drops of your favourite scented oil. Which is your favourite? Ah! Of course I have it here! I think that I will add three or four drops. Like that. I’m adding it now. Drip, drip, drip. Great, great. So… …I will start by gently… …gently… …stroking your hands. Like that. This way. The outer part of your hand… …as well as the inner part. Always in the direction of your heart. Like that. Good. Time for the lotion. There. I’m going to start with the massage now. First some gentle caressing. I begin with caressing your fingers. Like that. And I continue in the direction of your heart. From the fingers… …in the direction of your heart. Each hand a few times. Do you hear how the rain is falling outside? I also like it when it rains. Have you ever recieved a hand massage before? Just like that. From the fingers towards your heart. Great! Your hands are warmed up already. As are mine. Now I will use a special technique to spread the lotion on your skin. A spreading motion. Meaning… Like this. Each finger individually. I will also direct my movements towards the heart. Like that. Good. I’ll use a little bit more of that lotion. And now let’s start spreading the lotion on your skin. I’m spreading it on your pinky. Your ring finger. The middle finger. And so on. First on your left hand. Your ring finger. And your thumb. Good. And now your other hand, please. Yes. And I am repeating the same process… Every finger individually… In the direction of your heart. If you like… …you can give yourself a kind of traditional hand massage at home. You can use hand lotion. Exactly. And the next finger. Like that. Now I’m focusing on the outer part. But in a moment I will move on to the inner part of your hands. I’m not being to firm, am I? Excellent. And we’re coming to an end slowly. Ring finger. And the pinky. Like that. Good. Great. I will now rub your hands from the inside. Like that. I will do that with my fist. Gently. Not to hard. One hand. And the second hand. Like that. Please give me your left hand. Thank you. And now please leave your hand… …not too tight, rather loose. Just like that. Taking a look at our offer you will find many different treatments, different massages. For example… A body massage… The back massage which you like so much… As well as a face massage and a foot massage. There really is a lot to choose from. Wait a second, I’ll get some more lotion. Like that. And open your hand. If you want I can… …offer you a very large discount… …for your next visit. Of course. And I’m spreading the lotion… …spreading it out… …spreading it out… Good. Now please give me your other hand. And I’m repeating the same on the other side. Like that. And ten… Nine… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… Just a little bit more… We don’t have hurry. You are my last client tonight. So I can take my time with you. Give you a bit more attention. Exactly. Good. Now put your hands on the towel. Like that. I’ll adjust it a little. Just a second. And done. Now… Actually we are almost done,… I will press… ..all of your fingers… …up until… your wrist. Exactly like this. I will press the sides of your fingers. Like that. Of course I will use the lotion. There. Now please give me your hand. Great. I’m pressing… …pressing… …pressing. Every finger individually. Up until your wrist. In the direction of your heart. I’ll start with the tip of your finger… And I’m going in the direction of your heart. Just like that. You can close your eyes and even… …take a short nap. That’s not something out of the ordinary. A lot of my clients do that. Exactly. And the ring finger. And the pinky. Good. Now please give me your other hand. Like that. I’ll start by pressing your thumb. And the index finger. And your ring finger. And your middle finger. Exactly. And the pinky. Up until your wrists. Great. Finally I will perform… …circular movements. I’m rubbing in the remains of the lotion… …together with the oil. Because of it your skin will be deeply moisturized. And pleasant to the touch. Exactly. Especially because in the beginning I performed the peeling. Tomorrow you won’t believe that these are your hands. And the second hand. And I’m rubbing it in… rubbing it in… rubbing it in… Good. Great. I want to thank you for visiting me today. Please keep in mind that we offer many different massages. Don’t forget about the discout. Have a nice day and I’ll see you for your next visit.