Although we’ve come this far tell me, If you don’t want to do it Because I don’t want to do it against your will either You (hyung) too… want to do it with me , right? Then, I’ll start Should you take your pants off? Strip it all off to your underwear So obedient~ Bend your knees Good~ Come on over and sit down This thing of your master’s… suck it deliciously Quickly You’re good How does your little brother taste? You liked it? You, lewd bitch I am asking you, how does it feel to suck on a man’s dick? No proper answer? Tell me You’re blushing, hyung I prepared something special to please my cute hyung Do you want to see it first? It’s a vibrator Girls use it to play with themselves, but I’ll put it in hyung’s anus. Because I wan’t to see you squirt like a girl Just imagining it… I am already fascinated? Then shall we start? Turn around Lay down Spread your legs You must spread them wider, so I could see your anus Oh, you’re pink here! I like pink A pretty colour I want to finger it I only touched it with a finger, why are you moving like that? So excited? Then, now I’ll put the vibrator that I prepared inside you Even if it hurts, endure it If you bear it enough, you’ll start liking it Ah, so naughty~ Your face is pure red now Do you like it that much? Right! Weep more Until you’re teary-eyed I’ve always wanted to see you like this Keep on- keep on crying Ah, so cute~ You’re like a puppy A really big one Are you asking me to stop? Why? Cannot endure it anymore? Why? Try standing it a bit longer Your face says it’s so painful you could die, but your butthole likes it so much that it trembeles How was it? The present I prepared for you Seeing you struggle like that… turned me on. To tease you, to lust for you, to torment you. It aroused my insticts Now, you must once taste your little brother, right? I cannot tell you that it will not hurt, but your anus can do good, right? Then I’ll put it in Warm The throbbing butthole of yours is so naughty It hurts? It should Or else why did your asshole devour me completely? Ah, feels great I want it to go on like that Now… I’ll start moving. I like it so much! Feels like I am in heaven It is warm, and slippery, provocative… The fact that I won you over like this… is so thrilling. And you, hyung, facing down under me with that sexy look of yours got me so horny Let me hear your voice Try doing it like a girl Sexily I am so happy Hyung, I am so happy Feels just like woman Great Hyung, I want to come inside I can, right? What? Even if you don’t give me a permission I’ll come inside Keep screaming Louder I can feel it I’ll come soon I’ll come now Hyung, I’ll come inside Tell me Can I come inside? Do you want me to do it? Damn, I came a lot Although I did it in the morning too Hyung, stay still I want to see how cum flows out of your butthole Ah, so pretty~ Adorable Good job! Hyung, you had a hard time, right? I am sorry I only thought of my greed gave you a harf time, didn’t I? Next time I will be more gentle and sweet Wait for it~ Love you