With everybody spending more time at home, that can mean the hours, well they can pass by quickly without any movement. Let’s say you work a seven-hour day Here’s a way to get a little play! Set a timer on your phone or an alarm clock to go off every 55 minutes And then do some kind of movement for 5 minutes. Therefore, every hour, you are actually getting five minutes of movement, and by the end of the day, you will have done 35 minutes of blood flowing, heart-pumping exercise! Every break can focus on a different body part for example Like the first one you could do squats And then the second break you could do jumping jacks And the third break, lets say you wanted to do push ups on the counter Or the fourth break you could do running up and down your stairs Or jogging on the spot if you don’t have stairs And the fifth break you could do something like a dance party! Cool, eh!? Well, you get the idea of variety and fun. For an extra challenge, Every other 55 minute period Stand up instead of sitting And that keeps your blood flowing. While you are working! And, if you are feeling lonely and miss your friends like we all do call them, FaceTime them, Zoom them, however you want to connect And make them do this with you This isn’t about losing weight As so many people think! Exercise is actually more about keeping up your energy and focus keep your hormones humming, your happiness vibes going all-day long And if it’s nice out, you can even do these moves outside. And include some much needed fresh air Even if you can only go on a balcony or open the window for fresh air. Rather than thinking its something you HAVE to do Why not look at breaking your day into movement breaks as something you GET to do What if play, or exercise, were simply the freedom to move your body in any way that brings you joy, makes you sweat a little, and smile A LOT!!