Hello everyone, mr. Physio here from Australia. Have you ever injured your ankle before? If you have, your muscles around your ankle could have also gotten injured too. The Peroneal muscles are one of them, and they are often left untreated. If so, this will cause lots of trouble in the future, such as pain, balance and strength issues. The Peroneal muscle is attached on the side of your shin bone, also known as the Fibula. It gets injured when you roll your ankle outside. There are three ligaments that are most commonly injured with your ankle. Peroneals run through the back and outside of your ankle, so it often gets injured with these ligaments. If your treatment focuses on the ligament only: Peroneals are often left untreated, causing pain later on in the rehab process. It’ll be painful along the side of your shin, and at the back of your ankle bone. This muscle goes down under your foot, and attaches to the inside of the ankle arch. So if it gets tight, it’ll pull your muscle arch down. People with flat feet also have tightness in this muscle. Females who wear high heels also have tight muscles here, too. This is why you need to loosen it up! I will show you how: You can locate the muscle on the outer side of your shin bone. This is around 10cm above your ankle bone. Rub that part against your other kneecap, Press down with your hands, and move forward and backwards for 30 seconds. This time, press down and move your ankle up and down for 30 seconds. You can also go side to side or make circles with your ankles whilst maintaining the pressure on the muscle. You can do the same thing using a tennis ball. Start from the middle of your shin, and work upwards. Which is the red part in this picture: After one minute of massaging: You need to do eccentric exercises. When those muscle contracts or shortens, it pulls your ankle outside or downwards. But what if you pull your ankle inwards while your muscle tries to resist that force? Resist that pull with 30% of the power in your ankle, while pulling with 50% of the power in your hand. Then, your hand will win as your ankle slowly gives. In this action, your peroneal muscle activates in a lengthening passion, called ‘eccentric contraction’. This is a very effective technique, so them after massaging! Aim to do at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions twice a day. If you have found this content useful: Please subscribe like and share this video with others. 🙂