Hi, I’m Maria and this is the Earthworks Comfort Flat treatment table. As you can see, it’s not your typical for shape for a massage table. It’s wider here on top and curves inward
into the center of the table. I’m just going to quickly show you how to
set it up. You undo the two buckles here at the side. You open it up as wide as you can. Open out the legs. Simply put your foot here and swing it over. We stock a table for every need. We stock this table because it’s a high quality professional table which have been extra width on top which is great for client comfort. It is narrower in the middle so it is really easy for the therapist to lean over because of its narrow width. This table is 28in at the widest part on top and 25in in the middle. It is 185cm long. This increases to 217cm with the additional head cradle. It height adjusts from 59 to 86cm and should suit all therapists. This table weighs 13.8kg, so it is middle of the road in terms of portability. It is a reasonably lightweight table still. As with all our professional range of massage tables, we use the highest density foam and the
best quality PU leather. The foam on this table is extra thick and it’s really comfy and very luxurious. The PU upholstery is very durable and hard wearing. It is really nice to touch against the skin. This is a very sturdy and very stable table. You can test the lateral stability by pushing in at the side with as much pressure as possible. There is no movement in this table. This table has a rounded design. It allows the therapist to move easily around the table and also makes it very nice looking. With all our professional range of massage tables, the build quality is very, very high. This table comes with a built-in breathe hole. You can take the bun in and out and it
won’t fall through. When it is in place it has a nice flat surface. There are holes on either end of the table, as with all our professional tables. This allows you to use the head cradle and other accessories such as the paper roll holder. I’m just going to go ahead and insert the head cradle. You just put the rods into the holes. The head cradle pivots in 90-degrees in both directions. You can choose your desired
working level and secure with the lever. The client’s face rest in here and their arms rest in the sling here. People often ask, which the better option to use the built-in breathe hole or the head cradle? The head cradle is a better option to use for both you and the client. It’s a better for you because it opens up access to the rotator cuff muscles. It opens up the scapula and gives you greater access to the neck area when the client is lying in both the prone and supine positions. It’s better for the client because the cradle has extra cushioning and it’s economically shaped to the face, so it more comfortable for them. With this table, you have the best of both worlds with the built-in breathe hole and the head cradle. As I said, we have holes on either end of the table. I’m just going to slot this in onto the other end. You secure it upwards and secure with the lever. As with all wooden tables, you adjust the height with the screw knobs. To adjust the height of the table, you simply undo the screws. You take off the bottom part. You find your desired height, slot it back in and re-screw on the knobs. As with all of our massage tables, this table comes with the easy access end panels. This is really useful if you would like to use a stool during a treatment. As it allows you to get your knees in underneath the table. All of the accessories you see here come included in the price for the table. When they’re not in use the store neatly
into the underside of the table. You’re ready to fold up your table and store away in your carry case. As with all our massage tables,