Hello, welcome to my treatment space at Earth Essence Acupuncture And today we’re going to talk about one of my specialties… which is treating children. Many children are running around with runny noses with asthma, digestive upsets, outbursts, insomnia This does not have to be. If you bring your child in for regular treatments with me, or any pediatric acupuncturist, we develop a relationship with your child and we really help your child thrive as they grow. Testimonial: I’ve been bringing my daughter, Cassandria for almost a year now, and it’s been absolutely wonderful. She loves these treatments so much. It’s such a joy to work with Pocean. Cassandria has been sleeping better since we came to these treatments, and has barely ever gotten sick (just once the whole last year) So I feel like these treatments have been phenomenal for her health and I’m so grateful to be coming. Pocean has a really fun way with kids. The next day, they were the calmest, most centered, and connected kids I had ever seen! We had such an easy day after that treatment They were full of laughter, and play and happiness It was fantastic! Pocean: When I treat children, I use Japanese-style tools called Shonishen to gently massage their meridians and acupuncture points calling the different tools things like “butterflies” and “fairies,” “ninjas”… Sometimes if the child is acutely ill or working with a chronic condition we might use needles. But we don’t call them needles we call them “taps.” They’re very small, Japanese-style known specifically to be used for pediatrics and I make it fun for the child I teach the child what it’s going to be like and I let them choose whether they want to experience it or not Sometimes I’ll use seashells, if they don’t like the metal tools I’ll let them choose the seashell they want I use a type of massage called Tuina that’s very specific to children – and very effective – and they love it! This is not like “a visit to the doctor” that they dread, this is an experience that children look forward to coming in every month for!