Ask The Muscle Whisperer hello all this is Earle speaking and I’m
really touched by how proactive the Massage Warehouse is being in terms of
making sure that everyone stays and feels that they part off a bigger group
so instead of sending out an answer to a question as those who whisper through
their muscles I have decided to record a sound bite and the question that I want
to address is what advice would you give those in these difficult times and how
can you use your time in a wise way so that you can come back stronger when
COVID-19 passes? That’s a really useful and critical question and I want to
start out by by making clear a quote that I often use and the
quote is “it’s not what we see that is important but more so what we fail to recognize” and in so doing it opens up a very important
question for us. The government advice around massage and alternative health
and our practices is to distance ourselves this whole idea about keeping
a distance from those we treat, from those we love to ensure that we stem the
growth of COVID-19 but what I want to stress is that a distance does not imply
a disconnect. So what can we do to stay in touch? Connect in different ways
online and what I’ve been doing of late is running webinars using Facebook
and live streams and telling a story motivating others, reaching out, touching
those who need to be reached the most telling them their stories, keeping us
active, so in times when we are uncertain when there’s a lot of doubt, when the
future is not clear don’t let that be the focus,
don’t focus on what is wrong focus on what is right and all of us within this
community of practice have a natural wealth, a natural asset, we all have
knowledge and we all have the ability to generate new knowledge if we connect in
different ways so using your time smartly means reading, means speaking to
others through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, teams, webinars learning as a community, seeking out opportunities to discuss issues that impact your
practice, picking up a phone, speaking to a person at the end of
that phone, using the time in a creative way to develop our skills so
for example thinking about anatomy what could I do, go on to websites. I can
certainly speak about the website that Jane Langston and myself run, we’ve got a lot of online tools that you can use. Think
about how you could revisit aspects of your learning, think about how you can
improve your learning by thinking about how to apply it in a better and stronger
way. All in all at the end of the day when we look back and we recognize 20/20
as a year that was inflicted by hardships by hard times we can come out
of this and say we use that time in a smart way to develop ourselves there are
many things we cannot control but the things we can are our attitudes, our
behaviours, our values and what does that mean our attitude towards our study, our
profession, our practice, our behaviours reaching out, educating, learning with
others, learning with and from them, seek out courses, seek out opportunities
to network, seek out times to upgrade your CV, seek out times to write a bit so
there are blogs that you can write and people become inspired by understanding
or listening to the journeys that others travel we’re not in this alone, we are part
of a bigger group and if we could tell our stories and make sure our voices are
heard we’ll be able to impact in a positive and proactive way so my final
thought is just because we have to distance ourselves doesn’t mean we need
to disconnect. So take that advice stay connected with yourself and through
yourself and through your aims and through your understanding, connect with
those around you. Wishing you a safe journey ahead
remember we a community of creativity ,we are community of thinking forward, we are
community of solving