Hello BVB fans, I’m Dario from the
BVB Evonik Football Academy. Today I’m going to show you how you can practise
your skills using different kinds of balls. These are the objects
I’m about to use: a normal football, which
we’re all familiar with, a softball, the kind we used
to play with at school, a tennis ball, which we played with
in the school playground, and if you really want to improvise, take
two socks and make them into a ball. Now I’ll show you how to
dribble around your house. As you just saw, I put the balls at various
locations and dribbled to them. That’s what you need to do as well,
going from room to room. Get creative – use the outside of your
foot, the instep, the sole of your foot. Now it’s your turn. Have fun practising,
and remember: together we’re a team.