So today we’re visiting Simone Gatto, our partner in Sicily. Today we’ll have the opportunity to the see the production of Green Mandarin. The advantage of having our Wellness Advocates come to visit our production partners is they get to see the passion that goes into making the oils. doTERRA was looking for genuine and high-quality oils from Italy, and we were looking for new customers who had the old mentality of our previous customers, which is: support the growers. Our task is to bring the oils to the final consumer, to our customers. There is no reason on Earth why we should blend adulterated materials. We have to keep our quality to produce the best, genuine oils. My family has been producing essential oils now for 90 years. The purity and non-adulteration of the oil is for us, very important, because it’s very important to sell a product that is as pure and natural as the nature gives. For any citrus, it’s different than a normal essential oil because the oil is actually found in the peel. So you take a nice green mandarin that you’ll see today. We’ll see the fruit being received, we’ll see it being cleaned and then you see these amazing machines, like giant spinning cheese graters, and they scratch the peel and release the oil from the peel and then that oil and water mixture goes into a centrifuge and it’s spun and separated from the water. It’s a really cool process and it’s something that’s exciting for people to see because it’s very different from a traditional distillation, steam distillation process. We want to get as many people to experience and to touch and to feel and to smell our sources as possible. There’s nothing quite like going to a distillery. There’s nothing quite like watching the wonderful workers harvest the materials that bring us these amazing and powerful essential oils, and there’s nothing like thanking them.