We’re going to work on this area of the neck some more because it’s the most affected Does it hurt a lot when sleeping? When turning your neck? Turning my neck Ouch. That hurt a little. Nice and loose… Nice and soft, nice and soft… You’re full of stress… That’s why your shoulders are burdened and hurt, right? Yes, my shoulders do hurt At least this area right here… The pain was on this side In your house you can give yourself this short massage When you’re at home, in the case of stress and pain, Until you can come to see one of us, the people dedicated to this practice Turn around please We’ve done a short massage to relieve stress To relieve the pain in your neck, head [chanting in Quechua] Now let’s verify… Baid airs, bad mood Muscle pains…in general As for sleeping, you don”t sleep well. How much does the cleansing cost? Just a minute my dear.