– You’re all right. Okay that’s nice. (upbeat music) – Hi Floppycatters,
today we’re talking about the Comfort Zone… I don’t really know how to pronounce it, maybe like Feliway, Feliway. It is a diffuser that you use to basically artificially recreate pheromones in cats. So Ash isn’t really excited
about being with me right now, but cats have pheromones
in their scent glands that run across their mouth, whisker area. So when a cat is rubbing
up against things, they’re leaving their
scent on there and they’re leaving positive
pheromones so when they are re-exposed to that smell
or when they smell it from another cat, that’s a
positive smell for them. So Comfort Zone recreates
that positive pheromone smell and helps with transition things that happen with cats. So like if a cat is
re-homed or if you bring a cat in from a breeder, or
if you move to a new home, or if you’re in a situation
like I am with my cats, Charlie and Trig, and my
parent’s cats Kamis and Murphy, where they’re together
over Thanksgiving for a short period of time. It works really well in that situation. We’ve reviewed another
product that is very similar called Pet Remedy, but
it works for all animals. I believe that Comfort
Zone only works for cats. So without further adieu,
I’m gonna open it up and just show you how it’s put together. It’s hard for me to do
a review of this product because it’s not something
you can see and I can take videos and make
claims, but I don’t know how to make a review video for it because of the fact that it’s not really
something that you can see. My vet has it in every single room at the, every room that a patient cat is seen in. So I know that my vet really
believes in it as well. Also when people, when
readers have written in about either their cat has
been biting the other cat or has been chasing the
other cat, people always recommend this to see if it
will help with the situation. Do you want to get down? That was very nice of you
to sit there that long, thank you very much. I’m gonna tickle your paws. Thank you, okay. Okay so you just pull it
out of the box, like so. And so the diffuser is this plastic piece. And then you twist off
the cap and then just install that in there by twisting it. There’s a little hole where
you put that stick through, and then twist it on,
and then just plug it in. So, the other thing is,
a lot of people asked does it smell bad, I
can’t smell it at all. And I’m very sensitive
to smells, like I can’t handle any of the Glade
plug-in air fresheners. I literally start gagging when I walk into a place that has one of those running. So I can’t smell it, but that makes since because it’s supposed to be like something a cat smells, and I can’t smell half the things that they smell. So we got this from Chewy.com to review and again it’s just very
hard to do a review video that shows anything
other than how it works and why it works. Another thing about this
Feliway Comfort Zone thing is that it helps with
scratching and urine markings, so if you’re having… I don’t know how it
helps control scratching and urine marking, that’s just something that it claims on the box. For me, it’s more about
just the cats getting along and not being pissy
pants with one another. You also want to plug
it in in a room where the cat is most frequently. But, it doesn’t say, or
I wasn’t able to find how many square feet it covers. So, it depends on the size of your home as to how many of these
you might need, and the severity of your situation
I would guess as well. So I will include a link
in the about section below to where you can buy it on Chewy. If you have any questions,
please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have experience
with it, let me know in the comments as well, it might help out other readers that are
interested in checking it out. And if you like this video
please give it a thumbs up, helps our channel grow and helps us bring you more videos
like this in the future. We’ll see you later. Say bye, it was nice meeting you. Nice meeting you. – [Woman] Oh my gosh, just let me go lady.