Hello Friends,
I am Moubani and I am here with a special episode. Today I will demonstrate to you how you can easily make aloe vera moisturizing lotion at your home. For making this aloe vera lotion, you will need Aloe vera leaf- But yes, those who don’t have aloe Vera Plant at your home, don’t you worry! You can easily find an aloe vera gel in the market such as the Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel. So you can instead use that. Now let me show you how to prepare aloe vera moisturizing lotion. First up, I will now squeeze the juice from the aloe vera leaf. You can extract the amount of juice you want to. I have extracted only a little just to show you the procedure. That’s It! I have extracted this much. Aloe vera juice is thicker and viscous – to make it smoother , I will add almost exact amount of rose water. Since Rose water itself has many beauty benefits, I have preferred using rose water. Since I have extracted less of gel, I will take less of rose water. The juice will become smoother and the beauty benefits of the rose water will also get added to the juice. To make the juice smoother, you have to stir it continuously Just like I have been blending it continuously, continue it, till it become a bit smoother, but the viscosity will remain since the texture of the aloe vera is itself sticky. See, it has become quite smooth, I can feel it. At last I will add few drops of glycerin. Those who have oily or combination skin, please be careful while mixing glycerin because there is a chance you may develop pimples. As you can see, I am continuously mixing it Finally, it has become smooth and soft. And here is the home made aloe vera moisturizing lotion ready. I will expect, on seeing this video you will surely try this at your home & once you make it, you can keep it in the freezer and use it upto 7 days, as there is no chance of decomposing because you are using organic products and storing it in the freeze. Don’t forget to share your views and feedback after making and using it. You are watching this video on DusBus , and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel.