Today, Hien will continue to treat you with very large acne in this area (Do you remember Hien posting a big video about acne in the cheek 7 days ago?) Hien advises those who have acne to treat acne early acne should not spread and recur many times And don’t let acne form cysts Let’s see his skin This is his first acne capsule Can you see it? his cystic acne is very big it decreases by about 50% to completely remove this part, Hien had to squeeze all the pus and blood inside after the end of inflammation, Hien will use the nonmetal method to restore this skin so that this skin can restore all new cells so that later acne does not recur and helps skin not to darken and not spread acne anymore Can you see this part? Last time Hien take it and today it has decreased a little bit We see his other cheek in ipad is his image before treatment There are many cysts appear and now his chin is greatly reduced have been greatly reduced, and the hard cysts it takes time This part of him has dropped a lot This part of him has dropped a lot, haven’t you ? This is effective the effect Hien Van spa brings to customers Today is the fifth treatment Now Hien will take acne for him Hien will take near the cystic acne His skin is very thin very thin Hien needs to take slowly His skin is very thin even though he has a very good skin care, but to restore it We must need time maybe 3-6 months his skin can look like healthy skin like everyone else’s Hien doesn’t know if he has used any acne medication before but his skin is really weak There are always small acne around acne inflammation Last time this acne was very big anyone who has seen the video before will find it very loud Today it has dropped a lot compared to last time For this acne we have to take slowly It can’t be taken quickly It doesn’t matter whether it’s difficult or not, Hien just needs the cooperation of the customers It is important for us to convince our customers support and cooperation with treatment For Hien, there is nothing difficult just need customers to cooperate with spa treatment Can you see it shot no It shoots even on the shirt you hold the camera It’s not difficult at all, It is important whether you have treatment or not and you must follow the treatment regimen that Hien offers You must follow the treatment regimen given by Hien Van Spa because for successful acne treatment it has many elements workmanship, techniques and cosmetics and support methods for better skin recovery Last time, Hien took it in the upper section Today, Hien will take it at the bottom inside is the pus it is getting necrotic Today his skin has greatly reduced down a lot compared to the previous week Today is exactly one week he came back Hien will take slowly When acne has decreased, Hien will combine with nonmetallic method so that this damaged part can regenerate new and healthier cells Now we still have to take away Let it reduce inflammation this Acne today Hien only take come here Hien will take the other parts now we will go down to a smaller acne cyst This is part the skin with hidden acne When customers reduce inflamed acne, hidden acne will appear Do you remember this customer? Let’s wait and see the final results after 4 weeks acne inside a lot This is also a cystic acne Hien is taking acne around it Hien often says that there are many hidden acne around cystic acne When take acne it is important to find its head We have to take it slowly You can’t use a straw to remove it so it will leave a scar Today, Hien take it here only when his skin starts to get better we will see black pimples like this in the pores It stays inside because when the acne is inflamed we cannot see it inflamed acne covers these black spots This is also a cystic acne Hien just took it out little by little, you can see his skin is very weak and thin Last time here was a big acne cyst now it has decreased These are multiply cysts This is a big acne cyst If any acne is soft like this it will be very quick but most of it is very hard You often ask if the cyst is not soft, then how That’s the hard problem For experienced spa people they will know how to soften acne and how to get acne so you don’t leave scars His skin is very thin very thin The skin on his nose is also very thin His skin is so thin because he had used any medicine before, Hien don’t know I guess he used very strong bleach so weak skin Weak skin often acne deep under the skin his skin is so weak that Hien gently squeezed acne really fragile remove the acne it lays back a very large hole so after take acne we must run nutrition Hien’s acne take today will not go away because his ability to heal is very slow His skin is very badly damaged so making the acne pop up is also slower It’s done, guys Hien thank you for always watching and supporting hien💖💖 Let’s wait for his final result after 4 weeks😍 Hien Van thank you all very much💟💖