Hien Hi all of you on youtube, you on Facebook I wish you a happy new day Today Hien shares with you a case about hidden acneI The acne of this customer is very difficult to get the acne core, and treatment takes longer. You and Hien will analyze this problem This acne is very much, if not taken away will be spread develop into cystic acne, will leave bruises, scars You are watching the live stream, you are the spa owner. If you are a spa technician, you will understand this skin This acne if you get the wrong acne, not the right technique, no good cosmetics, then when the acne is complete, it will become inflamed, spread out will leave bruises, pitted scars this part is heavier, This is a cyst this cyst must take 6-7 times to resolve how to get clean feet, not leaving bruises, scars If this acne ghost goes to the minor surgeon with an incision, it will surely leave a scar This part customers also molded, pried at home new bottles, intensive Acne areas are numerous and surge develop into cysts The face is the hardest and longest treatment site With this acne, Hien is also committed to treat acne once and for all Does not leave bruises, scars If the skin is not treated well, it will leave a keloid scar, not a concave scar. here want customers have pitted scars We check the edges, acne on the edges are many places can not get If the edges are not taken completely, it will be very painful and dangerous Let’s examine this area, lots of hidden pimples Acne is very large and large If this place is very acne-prone, just a lump of inflammation will spread and spread in very large clusters Hien recommends that you get acne early Find a reputable spa treatment specializing in acne treatment Want to know where is a prestigious Spa Treatment? You have to listen to advice, see real photos, review customer reviews A reputable spa when the acne is done will not swollen, red, dark, scars and acne will decrease after each treatment This customer Hien took 2 hours of acne Acne on the forehead today will be reduced by 40% after getting rid of acne With this skin after taking acne, you must use a high-tech machine to dry acne and use nutrients to restore skin Strong acne skin will not recur Weak skin will recur acne quickly acne feet very deep you see, this is the germ that develops into inflammatory acne, acne follicles This client has applied acne medicine for 4 months but it did not help After applying acne medication does not help but weak skin Hien affirmed that no anti-acne medication applied to all acne Only one method is to get rid of pimples Hien would like to share more all the Spa get acne without bleeding, do not use hand force to push acne, but get acne too easily then SPa used a cream to thin the skin applied to customers, Guest skin goods after getting acne will be very weak, acne will come back very quickly and inflammation and cysts Thank you for watching the video, if you find it useful to remember live, share, and subscribe to Hien’s channel Please watch the video tomorrow