-So, you say
that you are never angry. But I’m curious if there’s
exceptions to this rule. So I thought it would be fun
to give you a few scenarios, and you would tell me
how you would deal with it instead of being angry, okay? So, number one. You’re waiting in line
at a Baskin-Robins. Let me paint you a picture.
A Baskin-Robins. -I don’t go to Baskin-Robins.
-Okay, where do you go? What’s your favorite place
to eat or drink? -Babu Ji.
-Ba– Okay. -Babu Ji in New York.
Bibi Ji in San Francisco. -And what do they sell there? -What do they sell?
-Yeah. -The best Indian food.
-Indian food. Great. Oh. Even better.
This is more my forte. You’re waiting
at Babu Ji’s, okay? -I never have to wait.
They give me preference. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I’m being honest. -Okay. You know what?
-I’ve never had to wait in line. -No wonder you don’t get angry. Let’s just say there is
a new staff member. Didn’t recognize you.
You had to — [ Gasps ] You had to wait. Okay? The person in front of you
is asking for a sample. They want a sample
of the butter chicken, of the shahi paneer, of the dal,
and everything, and you’re not waiting
30, 40 minutes. How do you not get angry?
-I write a book. [ Laughter ] -What is the book about?
-Not getting angry. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. Okay. One more, one more. Wow. You are smart. You make a new friend, but — And this is hypothetical.
You just have to — You make a new friend,
but then you find out that they’re just using you
to get to Oprah. -Well, then,
I call Oprah and say, “If you want to be Oprah Chopra, don’t get confused
by this person.” -Okay. I mean, I’m sure
that probably happens to you all the time.
-All the time. -Where people are like —
you know — Having said that, I really want Oprah on my show. So I was wondering, do you think
she should do this show? I mean just
hypothetically asking. ‘Cause don’t you think
it’s a great show? -I think she should, actually.
-Yeah? -She went to India with me.
And she enjoyed it very much. She would like to do a show. -So, basically, we booked Oprah, saying that Oprah
should be on the show. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my gosh. That was so unexpected
and sweet and kind of you. Thank you so much. So, you meditate how often? -I’m there now.
-You’re meditating right now? -I’m in that state of being
which is called meditation. -Even with my loud voice
in your face right now? -That’s —
I don’t hear it as loud. [ Laughter ] -All of my exes
want your advice. Um, so, you start your day
with meditation in the morning, though,
I’m guessing? -Yes.
-Okay. Great. So, you have your own mantra.
-Yes. -And it’s supposed to be
very secretive? Is that correct? Or are you able to share it? -I have so many mantras.
Some I can share. -Can you share one
that you’re able to share? -“Take it easy.” -Oh. Very simple. I love it. [ Applause ]
So, here’s the thing. I’m starting to get into
meditation a little bit more. It makes me feel
infinitely better when I take time to meditate. But I don’t really have a mantra
that I repeat to myself. I was wondering if you could
help me figure one out. Because now that people pay
thousands of dollars for this. -Instead of saying,
“I am Lilly Singh,” say, “I am…” and then replace that
with a hum, which is the vibration
of the breath, which is the source
of all existence. -So I —
-So get rid of Lilly Singh. -So just get rid of Lilly.
-That’s not your real identity. That’s your
provisional identity. -So I am a hum.
-I am. That means “a hum” in Sanskrit. -Ohh! I am —
“Before, I am Lilly Singh.” Which was a name given to you.
-Yup. -You are just
this wondrous being. And now you’re still a wondrous
being, but provisionally. -This might be the best day
of my life. Like, this might be
the best day of my life.