Deep Continuous Healing Drone Hypnotic Music for Meditation & Yoga, Music for Contentment/Relaxation. Ambient Dream Drone Music for Sleep, Deep Rest, Relaxation. This New-age Healing Drone Music for Meditation is intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. You can use it for yoga, massage, meditation, reading as a method of stress management to bring about a state of ecstasy rather than trance, or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments. Experience amazing ambient dreams. Beautiful drone music will calm your mind, your soul, your very being. This long form soundscape can be used to aid in relaxation, stress relief, meditation, sleep, yoga, study, work, contemplation, concentration and prayer. Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Reiki Healing Music, Zen, Yoga, Sleep, Study – Tera Mangala Meditation Music’s Reiki Music and Zen Music videos provide healing music which can be used by anyone who enjoys Reiki or Zen. This relaxing music can be used for Reiki meditation, Zen meditation, Chakra healing, soothing relaxation or as sleep music. Reiki music is soft music that is played in the background during a Reiki therapy session.