Hello! Today´s topic is “10 minutes Meditation” Why meditate? Meditation supports you to relax, “to switch off” and improve your concentration. Meditation gives you clarity and structure. Meditation shows you what is important and what is not. If I recognize what is important to me, then I can let go of the pettiness. And the importance will appear clearly. When you meditate daily you become more relaxed. You also will have a better handling with the stresses of your daily life. What do you need for your Meditation? It is important to wear confortable clothing e.g. a T-Shirt and legging. I also recommend warm and elastic clothing. like socks, legging, comfortable pants and sweatshirt. You also may use a scarf and blanket to cover yourself. It´s important that you feel warm and comfortable during meditation. When you sit in crossed-legs position you may feel not comfortable and probably sitting crooked. The reason is that your hips is not flexible (yet). I recommend to place 1 or 2 cushions under your hips. It´s important that your hips and knees are the same level. If your knees show up you will sit crooked. Sitting crooked is not comfortable for meditation and proper breathing. Take a cushion under your hips in order to sit straight. In case of knee issues support your knees with a cushion or a big book. Yes, a book is working too 🙂 How do I meditate? There are a lot of different techniques. I´ll choose one of them. A simple one everyone can do. No matter if you are little, tall, obese, slim, old or young. When you have done all your preparations let´s start with a technique which supports you to focus easily. Here you focus on your nostrils. Feel the cool air with every inhalation and the warm air with every exhalation. Right? Why is that? The air during inhalation is cool because the air “outside” is cooler than in your body (mostly). During the inhalation the cool air is warmed by the body temperature and friction when inhaled. That´s why you feel the warm air when you exhale. Inhalation=cool air. Exhalation=warm air. Please observe your nostrils during your meditation. Use them as your inner gaze point. Very often your thoughts interfere during meditation. Or you will be distracted by impulses or pain running through your body. Or your legs get numb. Let it be. Don´t react. Thoughts are coming and leaving. That´s normal. Try to let your thoughts go. Come back to your nostrils and keep breathing. Keep practising this technique. Breathe in and out deeply. Use your whole upper body. Breathe slowly and deeply in and out. And…concentrate on your nostrils again and again and again. Close your eyes for 10 minutes and start the “focus-on-your-nostrils” technique. How do I know when 10 minutes are over? No problem…take a light or vibration alarm clock. Set the time according to your preferences. When you have finished your 10-minutes meditation straighten your legs slowly. Maybe there are numb and tingling and your back hurts. That`s normal. You are not used to sit that way When sitting, there is a different tension. Here you build up muscles. That`s why your back may hurt in the beginning. The respiratory musculature support your breathing. Certain areas of your neck, back and chest muscles are more activated during breathing. When you breathe in and out deeply your respiratory musculature is more required. It may even happen that these muscles are becoming sore. That´s normal too 😉 It will be better with regular practice. Ok! Try it out. Have fun. Observe yourself what happen if you meditate regularly for 10 minutes. Many thanks. Bye, bye 🙂