all right let’s get you understanding
the comp plan in less than 10 minutes. This is going to be a crazy
simple overview that gives you the super basics; that’s all you need to know when you’re
getting started. So turning people onto Young Living at
retail as a customer you make 24 percent. So
when people want, just to get the products may be
couple things, put their toe in the water, set ’em up with a customer account with
the company and process their first order. Now after that,
every time they place an order with Young Living, Young Living will send
you a check for the difference between wholesale and retail which is 24 percent. And that, you will get on your paycheck
from the company. Now when you sponsor new distributors, which is the type of account that is
wholesale, start them out with a hundred fifty dollar {Now $160} premium starter kit you’ll get a fifty dollar plus bonus. And that’s probably how you started out,
its actually how nine out of 10 people start. So anything else that gets added to that
order you get 25 percent of that additional PV. You also get 25 percent for the first three months that new distributor is
ordering. So you gotta follow-up and get them going
on a program and Young Living will give you a huge thank you an email with
that big, big check! Now PV is shown in the product guide,
it’s the the point value. You’ll also see it on the bottom of the
orders where the total is it will show you what
the exact PV is for the orders. So how do you get paid after that first
three months? When you sponsor somebody, mind you this is after the first three months, you get paid 8% on those
people that you directly sponsor. Now the people that they sponsor, you
will get 5%. After that you get 4% and the
people that those people sponsor you get 4%
and the people that those people sponsor you get 4%. So it goes from 8 then to 5 to 4 to 4 to 4. Okay? Very, very simple it’s just a straight
percentage right off the PV on what we call those levels. So level 1
is 8% level 2 is 5% level 3 is 4%
level four is 4% and level five is 4%. And so that’s what we mean by levels,
those people that are directly under you are the 1st level, the people under them will be 2nd level and so on. So how do you get promoted with Young
Living? Very easy. STAR is our first achievement level. and that is 500 PV, so your total group is 500.
that could be just your own order or can be you and the people that are in
your group. SENIOR STAR is a total of 2,000. EXECUTIVE is when you start building teams; and you have 2 teams that have 1,000 or more and your entire team total is 4,000 PV. So, then you’re really starting to go
there with your achievement. Now the first leadership level in Young
Living is SILVER. This is when you built two teams at 4,000 PV or more. Plus you have an extra 1,000 PV random
volume outside of those two teams and you’re total together of
everybody equals over 10,000. So, you’re getting ready to do that when
you’re an EXECUTIVE; it sets you up with those two teams. So, you just keep growing those teams and you keep
building yourself even outside those two teams and you’ll be SILVER in no time. So once you get to SILVER, you get an
additional 2 to 3 percent bonus, depending on how you are built, on every body in your group Now it doesn’t seem like a lot, but let me tell you what, from my experience of me and my team [mind you anything I say on this
recording is not going to guarantee any income], but I’ll tell you from experience for
over (what?) fourteen years or whatever it’s
been for me, pretty much people’s checks double when they get to SILVER. So I’ll see somebody who is $700- $800 in their check and they’ll hit SILVER and they’ll go to $1200- $1500. And, every time somebody reaches SILVER, they always email me or call me or
whatever and say, ” Jen, you’re right, oh my gosh! I can’t believe it! It’s amazing! my check doubled.” It’s just so happy, so happy for everybody. So, when you show other people how to do the same thing hence get to SILVER, Young Living gives
you a lot of bonuses. And so, on average a distributor will
earn between 7% and 10% on their entire team’s volume. Okay. And so, it ranges depending on how
you’re built and things like that, but on average it’s 7% to 10%. So what happens beyond SILVER? Well, there are 5 more promotions after SILVER. But, just learn this stuff that I’ve told you
like the back of your hand. First. Go through this and watch it a few times. Master it. And then, there are more videos that can
show you the real nitty gritty. But, you know this is a general overview so you can get your brain wrapped around how much money you can actually make. And so, what’s in store as your team grows? Well, Young Living gives you major incentives to really
work on growing your business and help other people grow their business as well. There was a program called SILVER in 6. Which, if you go from EXECUTIVE and you hold that EXECUTIVE until you get to SILVER, within six months of each other you get the aroma complete, plus you get
some other goodies. That is over, gosh! It was like $2,000! I mean it’s just amazing, get all the Oils. That’s the Hum-Dinger-of-a-Big-Kahuna-Oil-Kit. You also can get free trips. You know
every time you achieve a new leadership rank, and you hold that for 3 consecutive
months, you get these wonderful trips from Young Living. I’ve been to Ecuador, I’ve been to Hawaii, I’ve been to Florida I have been to many, many, many cool places with the company because of these trips. And there are also leadership retreats
that include cruises that you can earn as well. So, a lot of good stuff going on,
especially if you’re traveler and you like to see the world. And, there are a lot of other bonuses
that I did not cover here for the sake of simplicity that you can earn, all the way to the top
of the company. And what I like to tell people is this, “Young Living wants you to help other people grow their teams.” And every time you do so, they give you more money. And even the
biggest DIAMONDS in the company, people all the way to the top, you know the ROYAL CROWNS, they’re pretty much earning money on everybody to some degree. Well, how do you make sure that you get
all those bonuses that I’ve just talked about? Well, the main thing is get on a 100 PV Essential Rewards. This make sure you qualify for all of the bonuses, you will never miss a
check. You’ll get cheaper shipping and free
products. You can change it every month and you
get more stuff to try and share. You can change the date, you can change the product. I encourage people to try new things so
that you can tell your experiences to others. and that will help you grow your
business. Plus the order that you need to put in, in order to get paid, is also
tax-deductible. so make sure you get on 100 PV
Essential Rewards, and never miss a bonus and leave money
on the table. And that’s all you need to do. Simple. Easy. And this is your Basic Comp Plan.