Hello. It is late March 20, 2020. Today we will tell you about the situation of pattaya soi 6 and walking street. In Thailand, we are working hard to prevent corona19. All clubs in Pattaya are closed, and Pattaya Hollywood is closed until March 31st. The Pattaya Big Eye Show will be closed until April 30th. On the 18th day, it was open during the day as shown in the photo on the left, but now it is closed. The right side is the night scenery as of the 20th. All shops are closed, and if you ignore the government’s policy and do business, you will be suspended. There is a slogan in Chonburi. Beautiful sea and There is a delicious bamboo cowram Sweet sugar cane and Delicately woven basket crafts And there is a traditional buffalo race. This is Pattaya in Chonburi, where you have a hard time. We hope to return to a pleasant appearance as soon as possible, like a slogan. Now let’s move on to the pattaya walking street. It is a walking street that cannot be found by travelers. One news is that agogo palace pays salaries to the store staff during difficult corona virus All of the shops on the walking street are closed, so we don’t pay any salaries But agogo palace pays the salary to the employees. If the walking street is open again, I will go to the palace and cheer. Thai on the left means I am very satisfied with my monthly salary. We hope that the day will come when you will enjoy plenty of vacations with your friends at Agogo The situation in Pattaya is the same as in all Thailand regions. All clubs in Bangkok are now closed. Bangkok’s famous tourist destination is busy daily with corona prevention. I would like to introduce the immigration process for travelers who are planning to visit Thailand. 1. Health certificate received within 72 hours prior to entry 2. 100 million insurance certificate upon corona outbreak (If you are not infected with corona at the time of entry, you may be infected with corona during your stay in Thailand.) If you prepare two documents, there is no quarantine for 14 days. Walking streets are hard to find. The police are in control of the working street in each middle area. This is the procedure to prepare for immigration at the airport. If you prepare in advance, the immigration process may proceed quickly. You must come to Thailand after reading the 7 steps. This is the official content written at the airport in Thailand. The above documents must also be prepared, so please do not forget. I hope the dark pattaya walking street will become a crowded street for travelers again in April. I am a YouTuber making a video introducing Thailand’s Pattaya massage shop. I would appreciate it if you watch other types of videos. I will prepare the latest news and news and upload videos. Your subscription and likes help me a lot. I will try to deliver the news of Pattaya quickly and provide information on the Pattaya massage shop.