hello we’re going to play some drums and
we’re going to use the drums just to help us think about all our feelings and
our emotions and everything that we’re going through today so we’re going to
start off just by playing what’s really the simplest rhythm we’re going to do it
together and we’re just going to play a heartbeat rhythm on our drum and it
sounds like this So when you’re ready you can join in with my heartbeat rhythm. keep this going – let’s just keep the volume nice and gentle really listen to the sound of your drum you might also find it very helpful just
to close your eyes as well now we’re going to think about our breathing and
we’re going to breathe in together and breathe out together. We’re going to go;
breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, In… out… Now we’re going to
double the length of the breaths; breath in – in keep breathing in… Now breathe out… Now breathe in… breathe out… Now we’ve got use to this cycle of
breathing in and out, just start to think about your body. Are there any parts of
your body that are feeling a bit tense today? As you’re breathing in and out
just try to imagine that part of the body is trying to feel as relaxed as
possible. Keep the drumming going. Keep the breathing going. Now we’re making our
body feel nice and relaxed, let’s think about how you’re feeling today. Whatever you’ve
done just before coming to this session however that’s made you feel – leave that
behind right now you don’t need that there now. Just focus
on this rhythm of these drums, and know for the next few minutes we’re going to
concentrate on just being at peace, being as relaxed as we possibly can. Still
think about your breathing Think about your body being as relaxed
as possible and just try to empty out of your mind any feelings of anxiousness,
any feelings of stress – anything that’s negative just enter that out of your
mind now and instead replace it with feelings of peace – feelings of being
relaxed. We’re just going to bring the volume down and just play your drum so quietly
it’s barely audible and when you’re ready just stop playing
your drum